The Sweet Spot

I thought today would be an excellent day to make my first post for this blog. It’s the first day of the NFL Pre-Season, thus opening up my favorite time of the year. I call it the sweet spot of our calendar. Between now and Thanksgiving Weekend my favorite sports will be going full tilt. Between now and then MLB will finish the remaining six weeks of it’s regular season and wrap it’s post season. The NFL will go through it’s pre-season and go through half it’s season. NASCAR & The PGA Tour will wrap up and crown seasonal champions. The NHL and College Hoops will start. College Football will play most of it’s season. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan.

This season is usually called fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather here in central Kansas during this time us usually awesome making it ideal for almost any outdoor activity…except swimming. But our sweltering summer has, and will continue to provide many opportunities for that.

There’s so much going on it will make my head spin. It’s a good time to be Sportsdrenched!

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