The Loose Lugnut 8/21/11

Today I DVR’d the Pure Michigan 400. It’s the first NASCAR race I’ve watched since the Coca-Cola 600 on the Sunday before Memorial Day. This is a typical NASCAR season for me. I’ll be really into the season at the beginning. I really like the month of May where all the races are at night. However, Once summer gets going I have a hard time watching races. It’s too nice outside to spend time in front of the TV. My favorite sport is baseball. I spend my decreased TV time watching that. But this is the time of year I drop back in on the NASCAR season like a never left. The night race at Bristol is next weekend. Another one of my favorite races. Incidentally, I usually don’t get to watch it because there is usually something going on. I know that is why they make DVR’s. But for some reason I always forget to record the race. I simply like too many sports, and cannot pay enough attention to all of them.

It's time for NASCAR's second season.

Now that I’m in the swing of things I figure I’ll write about NASCAR. I’ll call my NASCAR entries The Loose Lugnut. Loose lug nuts aren’t good things. But I’ve been accused of having a nut loose a few times. There are still 3 ½ months left in the season encompassing some important races and The Chase. What you won’t see here is race recaps. You can get those elsewhere. NASCAR is never short on drama and characters giving it’s fans plenty of room for opinions. Just like all the other fans I have opinions too. I’ll start with a few items that happened over the summer.

Golden Tate Tweets Jimmie Johnson is not an Athlete: This story is over a month old. I’m not going to defend any race car drivers status as an athlete. I enjoy NASCAR because they’re big, loud, fast, racecars. The fact that small changes in physics can have huge impacts on said racecars. And as events go there is no bigger spectacle in the sports world than a NASCAR race. Like every other sport on television, it’s entertainment more than an athletic competition. I don’t care if racecar drivers are athletes. The whole argument is useless to me.

I did notice some self proclaimed experts on what is an athlete say that driving a racecar is like turning left on your way to grocery store. If that’s that case and driving a racecar was so easy…why isn’t every one doing it? After all, I’m sure those experts would refuse Jimmie Johnson’s fame and fortune because driving a car for a living is beneath them.

Danica Patrick will join NASCAR Full Time in 2012: How fitting is it that the most over-rated Indycar driver will be driving for the most overrated NASCAR driver? NASCAR has long been up front about it being mostly about sponsors. So much so that other sports often get criticized for being like NASCAR as they display more sponsors. However, in this regard style over substance is taking over. In other sports championships contenders bring a lot of advertising dollars. Next year NASCAR’s biggest revenue stars will be two drivers who haven’t won very much. Dale Earnhardt Jr hasn’t won anything since he won back to back Busch Series Titles in 1998 and 1999. Danica Patrick has won…..a race in Japan? This phenomenon is what it is. It’s just ironic that a sport that markets itself as a substance over style, is just the opposite.

And Finally, I can’t stand Kyle Busch. I think it would be nice if someone called his cell phone 30 times the night before a race.

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