“Fantasy” Baseball: Going All Night

Some times I come up with some nutty stuff in regards to the sports world. Most of it has little to zero chance of happening. Sort of like a college football playoff. Since this is my blog I’m going to share some of these ideas. Some you might like them, and some you might call me an idiot and never read this blog again. I will always classify these entries as “fantasy”. If you ended up here thinking I was going to breakdown a fantasy draft you are in the wrong place. But don’t go away mad, just go away .

Every August the National Baseball Congress World Series takes place in Wichita, KS. It’s a 32 team tournament of teams that qualify from the summer collegiate baseball leagues from the western half of the US. You can click on the links if you want to know more about the NBC World Series.

During the middle weekend of the tournament they have what is called “Baseball Round the Clock” where 17 baseball games are played in 56 hours. I haven’t actually attempted to watch all 17 games, but it’s on my bucket list. I have attended 3 straight games in 100 degree heat, or bought a ticket at 11pm and watched 2 games before leaving the stadium. Incidentally, there are more people at the midnight game of Baseball Round the Clock than this game. I understand I’m not watching the top level of baseball. The baseball is decent and competitive. If you’re a Seamhead it is absolutely awesome.

This event got me thinking. Is there a way an event like “Baseball Round the Clock” could be established for the top level of baseball? We have the World Baseball Classic that is played every four years. It’s sort of like a feature tournament. I suppose it could be condensed and played in one location over 56 hours. However, this is still not the top level of baseball, not to take anything from the Korea, China, and Denmark national teams.

The Major League season is 162 games long. There’s no way to create such tournament and incorporate it into the real season. It would have to be an exhibition. Major League teams go through an exhibition season close to 30 games during spring training. They also have expanded rosters during spring training. Spring training exhibition schedule looks like a good place to have this tournament. However, there still some logistics to figure out.

Spring Training takes place in Arizona and Florida. It just so happens that right now the Grapefruit and the Cactus League are balanced at 15 teams. I guess there should be two Baseball Round the Clock Tournaments, one in Florida and one in Arizona. Playing a 16-team single elimination tournament takes 15 baseball games. To solve the bracket imbalance the previous spring’s league champion would receive a bye to the quarterfinals. Start the games on the last Friday of February and run them off as fast as the grounds crews can keep up until the tournament is over. Allow the teams to play their entire organizations so there is some depth.

This would be an awesome way to get the baseball season going. I would make plans to travel and attend such an event. But I am most likely day dreaming. I can’t see organizations wanting to put their players through something like that. I can’t see the MLBPA signing off on something like that, and If the host stadium is a major league stadium I can’t see them wanting to expose their field to something like that.

But a hopeless Seamhead can dream can’t they?

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