Jim “freaking” Thome: It’s Not Just the Royals

In the sixth inning of Saturdays game Jim Thome continued his abuse of the Kansas City Royals by hitting his 602nd career home run. Jim Thome has been abusing Royals pitching since I was going to Homecoming Dances. It seems that 599 of those home runs have negatively impacted the team that I am rooting for. I knew 599 wasn’t the correct number so I did what any good baseball fan does when curiosity is nagging at them. I looked at Baseball Reference

You can look at all the evidence here. Saturday night’s blast was Thome’s 49th home run against the Royals. What’s shocking is the Royals are not first in this category, or even second. That belongs to the team he just left; Twins, 57 and the Tigers, 66.

Danny Duffy shouldn’t feel too bad about being taken yard. It’s not like Jim Thome has been hitting dingers off Kyle Davies type pitchers. By having Thome take him out of the yard Duffy joins a list of pitchers that includes Rick Reed, Justin Verlander, Roger Clemens, Johan Santana, CC Sabathia, and King Felix Hernandez. That’s good company for a pitcher.

Jim Thome is surely a Hall of Famer, and from all accounts a great human being. I would like to say I ‘hate’ Jim Thome like this guy. But hate is not the right word. After all, baseball is just a game. I am a Royals fan first, but I’m also a baseball fan in general. I’m trying to enjoy the accomplishments of a great baseball player while at the same time wishing my team had been the one to keep him in check. But I guess it doesn’t matter. Misery loves company and Royals fans weren’t the only ones to say: Jim “freaking” Thome.

If you’re looking for a reason to get down on the Royals, guess which team has surrendered the most home runs to Nick “freaking” Punto?

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2 Responses to Jim “freaking” Thome: It’s Not Just the Royals

  1. elmaquino says:

    3 bombs baby!

  2. I remember Punto just killing the Royals. And it wasn’t the HR’s. It was always those seeing eye singles that are just out of the reach of the fielders with RISP. I just thought I’d look and see how many HR he hit.

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