Sportsdrenched Today: 8/30/11

I have a few things to throw out there, but none of them fill up an entire blog post:

I read this article by Jayson Stark about the technology used by baseball players and the proliferation of Ipads among major league players. It’s an awesome article. It paints the picture that pitchers and opposing managers are ahead of hitters in the technology curve. I refuse to believe that hitters aren’t using the same information. What I do think is pitchers have more time to prepare than hitters. A starting pitcher has five days to go over his next opponents likely line-up. In most cases a hitter has less than 24 hours to break down the opposing pitcher. Sports are cyclical. There are too many smart people in baseball to let the pitchers get ahead for too long. The hitters will adjust too. It’s the new market inefficiency!

I’ve noticed an interesting trend among the Wichita area sports radio stations. Yes, the Wichita market is supporting two sports radio stations. I’m not sure if either of them are making money, but they’ve both been around more than a few years. Anyway, It seems football from south of the Kansas border is migrating north. KFH 98.7FM has started broadcasting Dallas Cowboys football games. And starting on Saturday 1410 KGSO will begin broadcasting Oklahoma football and basketball. In KGSO’s case this isn’t the first time they’ve purchased radio rights for an out of market team. Last summer they were a Chicago Cubs affiliate. I can think of several reasons the Cowboys and Sooners will do well in the Wichita market. I hope they do well. I’m not a fan of either team. But if I am relegated to the radio I would much rather listen to games than listen to people talk about games. Well, as long as the blatant homerism isn’t too much to take.

Two Days till football season.

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