Frivolous Picks: Week 1

A wave of frugality and newfound respect for the state of Kansas’ gambling laws has descended upon me. I will not be participating in football pools this year with real money. To fill this void I will do a weekly blog post where I pick some games and you all can laugh at me. This will also allow me to use the term frivolous a lot.

I will select ten games and pick against the spread. These ten games will be a combination of college and NFL depending on the weekend.

Week 1 of any season is always a tough pick.

I will pretend I am starting with $1000. When I make my picks I will indicate how much money I am betting on that game. We’ll see if I can make the $1000 last all season. The game will go until I run out of monopoly money, or until the Super Bowl. (will I get sued for saying that? If I do I bet that will drive a lot of traffic to this site)

Week 1:

UNLV +35 @ #11 Wisconsin – This is the opening game on ESPN. I don’t know much about UNLV. I’ve read a little about Wisconsin. That’s a big number, but teams from the west travelling east never do well. Wisconsin to cover. $100.

#14 TCU -5 @ Baylor – I always like home underdogs. But TCU destroyed Baylor last year. TCU to cover. $100

Louisiana-Monroe +28 @ #6 Florida St – I’m so out of my league here. But it’s not real money, so Hey.FSU covers at home. $50

South Florida +10 @ #16 Notre Dame – I always think the Golden Domers are overrated. South Florida with the 10. $100

Brigham Young -3 @ Ole Miss – Another home dog, but barely. Plus a team in the west going east. Ole Miss. $100

#3 Oregon vs #4 LSU @ Jerrydome This game is a pick ’em. LSU’s starting QB got in some trouble and has been suspended from the team. Which means I should pick Oregon. But I’m not.Geaux Tigers in this one. $100

#5 Boise State -3.5 @ #19 Georgia – I still have my doubts on weather BSU can hang with an SEC school on the road. Dawgs winning at home. $100

Tulsa +20 @ #1 Oklahoma – OU should roll here. $100

Southern Methodist +16 @ #8 Texas A&M – A match-up between the team that wants to leave the Big 12, and the team that wants to take their place.Aggies to cover at home. $100

Miami(FL) @ Maryland – For some reason this is the feature Monday Night Football game. Last game of the weekend. It’s a pick ’em. Going with the Terps. Because Miami will have a lot of players suspended. $100

If you’re scoring at home that’s $950 bet for this week. This makes sure I have $50 for next week. I will update on Tuesday to post the results. Enjoy laughing at my picks, and enjoy the games.

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