Saturday Round Up: 9/3/11

And welcome to Labor Day Weekend and the first college football Saturday. Hopefully some of you took in some high school football last night. I am involved in a wedding this weekend. This has tied up my usual football watching habits. But this is week one. There will be others, with better match-ups. But there are smart phones and radios to keep us up to date.

photo by Minda Haas

Last week I promised to bring positive stories. Last fall Royals left fielder told the Kansas City Star that he was going to dominate this season. During his previous four seasons Gordon has been under-whelming in his domination of the major leagues. This led my friends and I to mockingly start calling Alex Gordon “The Dominator”. But much to our delight and chagrin Alex Gordon has in fact dominated this year. As of this writing Alex Gordon is batting .304, .377 OBP, .506 SLG, with an .882 OPS. He’s dominating in the field too. He leads the league with 20 outfield assists. As much as I enjoy his on field domination I’m more glad to see Alex and his wife are also dominating off the field. I don’t think we really know if the athletes we watch are good people in their personal lives. But you can at least give credit where credit is due. Thanks to James Tyree for the assist on this one.

My brother and I have always joked that college and professional teams should have Tattoo Coaches on their staffs. You know so a player can get a second opinion about any ink they’re about to have applied to themselves. It just so happens my brother brought this story to my attention. This isn’t what I had in mind for a Tattoo Coach, but it’s still pretty funny. I wonder when the Ohio State University will sign a deal like this.

MLB is third to Box Office Movies, and the NFL in terms to entertainment revenues

Now that football has started there has been a lot of talk this week about what Major League Baseball needs to do to become more relevant in the month of September. If you listened to some sports talk pundits you would think MLB is about to go out of business. However, I’m not sure MLB needs to do anything. Last year MLB made an estimated record $7.2 Billion dollars. Key word being record. Baseball has never had more people spending money on their product, they’re just not watching it on television. Is MLB the number one entertainment option in the US? No, but it is still relevant, and it sill makes a ton of money. Don’t let any smart-ass tell you different.

Like a lot of places it’s been the hottest summer on record here on the prairie. Allegedly fall like temperatures will arrive by the end of the weekend. As much as I like to not let the weather affect what I’m doing. It’s really hard to get in the mood for football when it’s 105 degrees. But later this weekend it should start to feel like football season when the forecast low is 49 degrees. Either way next week will be a good time to get drenched…sportsdrenched!

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One Response to Saturday Round Up: 9/3/11

  1. EM says:

    Never bought that baseball was “a dying sport”. Football’s justgotten biggerer.

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