World Series Champion Pitching

I have another article up at I70 In baseball there is small but close-nit statistics community. I am not smart enough to understand all the stuff that they do, nor do I care too. To me baseball is as much about a beer in the stands with freinds as it is about the trending numbers over a season of baseball games. However, statistics do have their place. Often times we have a preception that something occuring. If we have a preception in an area like baseball, financial accounting, or science we can go look at finite numbers and confirm, or shatter our preception.

Over the past few weeks there has been some discussion surrounding the Royals as to re-tool their deplorable starting pitching. If you’re going find the correct answer to this question I think you should look at teams that were the most successful: World Series Champions.

You can read for your self in my article: World Series Champion Pitching: How They Did It.”

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