Saturday Round Up: 9/10/11

Finally, a Saturday morning where I don’t have to get up and go anywhere. This does not happen often at our house. I’m not taking this morning for granted. Here’s what’s going on today:

Fairfield 45, Attica 0

Mrs Drenched is the Music Director at Fairfield High School. Because of this arrangement I attend most of the home football and basketball games. Fairfield plays 8-Man Football. I’m not talking about 7-on-7 drills. I’m talking about high schools that don’t have enough male students that they play 8-Man football. Honestly, once the game starts I forget that there are only 8 kids on each side of the ball. However, that’s not why I’m mentioning this today. Last night Attica High School, the opposing team only had 10 kids suited up. That means most of the players would be playing the entire game. Not only were they out numbered by 2-1, they were quite a bit smaller. I felt sorry for them. But, then I didn’t feel sorry for them. They earned my respect. They knew they were out numbered and over matched but they gave it a go anyway. They were eventually 45’ed midway through the 3rd Qtr even though Fairfield put in the younger players before halftime. In Kansas 8-Man Football if a team is ahead by 45 points during the second half the game is over. At no point during the game did their body language signal defeat. They were just out playing ball with their friends. History is littered with poetry and stories about groups of people facing eminent defeat. The Attica Bulldogs & Fairfield Falcons are as far as you can get from these guys. But I know which teams I’d rather watch.

You know you're at an 8-Man Football game when a deer is in attendance

West Coast Games

This week the Royals have been on a West Coast road swing. Last night Missouri played in Tempe, AZ in a game that started at 930pm in the Central Time Zone and didn’t finsih until 1am. Most people around here don’t like the West Coast games because they have a hard time staying up to finish them. At one time I agreed with this sentiment. However, at this time of my life when I have small children I have come to look forward to late games. Why? Because I can get my kids to bed before the games start, or early in the game. As opposed to a 7pm start when I’m putting the kids to bed during the games conclusion. Yes, the DVR helps with this. But as long as I’m young enough to deal with the lack of sleep I’m going to enjoy the late starts. Of course in a few short years it will be the kids staying up late too.

I recoment Dt Mt Dew to get through your favorite teams West Coast games.

Saturday Story of Inspiration

I didn’t get a chance to do as much research on this as I wanted. However, I found this story out of Harrisburg, PA about two baseball team affected by the flooding. It’s just too bad the league wouldn’t cooperate.

Propositioning the God’s

Finally, I will shamelessly direct you to my Royals Article I70 Baseball. I learned a long time ago you do not bargain with TheGod. But I don’t see anything wrong bargaining with Baseball God’s. So I gave them a proposition. After all, as a Royals fan what do I have to lose?

What I’m Watching:

-As much college football as I can get away with.

-NASCAR at Richmond. One of my favorite races. It’s also the last race before the Chase. I’m still pulling for the Blue Duece to continue it’s unbelievable run.

-Probably some baseball. The races for the post season are not all that interesting, but I’ll watch because there is less than three weeks left in the season

That is all for today. Go get drenched. Sportsdrenched!

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