Frivolous Picks: Week 2 Results

All the games are in the books. Let’s see what happened.


Arizona +14 @ #9 Oklahoma State – Final score Oklahoma St 37, Arizona 14. The pick was Arizona & the points. Loss -$100

#21 Missouri +7 @ Arizona State – Final score Arizona St 37, Missouri 30. The pick was Missouri with the points. Covered on the number Win! +$100

#12 South Carolina –3 @ #19 Georgia – Final score South Carolina 45, Georgia 42. Another cover right on the number. Those guys in Vegas are smart. The pick was South Carolina to cover. Win!. +$100

Brigham Young +6.5 @ Texas – Final score Texas 17, BYU 16. The pick was BYU with the points. Win! +$100

#16 Notre Dame –4.5 @ Michigan – Final score Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31. The pick was Notre Dame to cover. Loss -$100

On to the NFL:

New Orleans +4 @ Green Bay – Final score Green Bay 42, Saints 34. The pick was Green Bay covers Win! +$100

Buffalo +4.5 @ Kansas City – Final score Bills 41, Chiefs 7. The pick was Bills and the points. The Bills did more than that. I’ll write more about that later Win +$100

Dallas +4 @ NY Jets – Final Score NY Jets 27, Dallas 24. The pick was Dallas and the points. Another game that was really close to the line. Win! +$100

Monday Night Football

New England –7 @ Miami – Final Score New England 38, Miami 24. The pick was New England covers. Win! +$100

Oakland +3 @ Denver – Final Score Oakland 23, Denver 20. The pick was Denver to cover. That didn’t happen. Loss. -$100

This week I went 7-3 with a net gain of $400. This means I’m ahead $700 for the two weeks. I kind of want to get cocky for next week. But why change what’s working. And remember, this post is for entertainment purposes only. Wink. Wink.

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