The Panic Button!

I am not having a good football season. The KSU Wildcats struggled to beat Eastern Kentucky at home over the Labor Day weekend. The Chiefs fumbled their opening kick off return and it only got worse from there. The conference I’ve watched since I was a kid is on the verge of collapse. And last, and defiantly least my fantasy team, lost it’s opening game despite having Aaron Rodgers as the QB. At this point I’m ready to hit the panic button, give up football season, and just watch Christmas movies after NASCAR and baseball are over.

Kansas State I’m concerned but not that worried. Bill Snyder teams consistently get better as the season goes on. There will be adjustments, improvements, and a shaking out. I’m certainly not expecting them to win this Big 12. But I still have confidence that they will have a decent season and go to a Bowl game.

The Big 12 Conference? I’m not sure how this shakes out. I might even like how it ends up. But I right now I don’t like the uncertainty. It makes my head hurt.

My fantasy team? Eh. I was talked into playing this year at the last minute. I didn’t do any pre-draft preparation. It’s just fun. But I will certainly try and win with what I have.

This brings me to the Chiefs. Wow. I’m not going to venomently pin this on one player or coach. That performance on Sunday was such an organizational disaster I don’t even know where to start. All of my concerns outlined in my season preview came to fruition. There is infighting among the coaching staff. Those coaches were out coached. Both lines were dominated at the line of scrimmage. They were turning the ball over. The list goes on and on. All of this was at Arrowhead Stadium, and a national embarrassment. And while we’re down as a fan base, kick us some more. Eric Berry is out for the season with a torn ACL.

The cliché is you’re never as bad, or as good as your last game. I’m sure the Chiefs will play better this Sunday in Detroit, they can’t play any worse. Haley consistently shrugged off the pre-season as practice and said the main goal was to be ready for September 11th against the Bills. Clearly they were not ready.

Don't hit that just yet.

I won’t hit the panic button because I didn’t have high expectations for this team before the season. I picked them to go 7-9, finish second in the division, and miss the playoffs. That 7-9 included this game against the Bills as a win. I at least expected them to improve and fight. None of that was apparent on Sunday. It’s hard not to think that after one week the Chiefs as an organization are close to having a lost season. This is especially irritating because the organization took a step forward last year, and now they look like they regressed into nothing. But games take on a life of their own, and there 15 games remaining. After watching Oakland and Denver last night I believe 7-9, and second in the division is still possible. Despite a lack confidence that they will do that.

Geez. After this weekend I’m excited to see the Royals in action in September. What is wrong with me?

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2 Responses to The Panic Button!

  1. elmaquino says:

    At least you’re talking about a 16-game season. Cards fans held a mass jumping of the ship last night–and the standings didn’t even change!

  2. Baseball is such a long season. It’s hard to stay even keeled. Remember 1 NFL game roughly equals 10 MLB games in terms of percentages.

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