The Loose Lugnut: 9/14/11

I really enjoyed the night races at Bristol and Richmond. I didn’t get to watch Atlanta…because I was at work. I’m still amazed at the run Brad Keselowski and the #2 Team is on. Just goes to show that NASCAR is just as much about team work, communication, and getting better as a season progresses as it is about equipment, engines, or manufacturer. The Blue Duce team certainly has the momentum to win a championship. Which is good. I don’t dislike Jimmie Johnson but after five years I think NASCAR would do well with a new champion.

Not Buying This Brand

There is a saying in NASCAR that if people are booing you it usually means you’re doing well. Except in the case of Kurt Busch it just means you’re self-centered a-hole and people are booing you because they honestly don’t like you. After the race at Richmond Kurt called Jimmie Johnson a “five time chump” and lashed out at print media reporters. This is just the latest in long line of outbursts from the 2004 Sprint Cup Champion…or was it Winston Cup back then?

I understand competition can be emotional. I don’t get too upset when I hear or see professional athletes lashing out in the heat of competition. However, Busch’s tirades are legendary and other off the track antics do not endear him to me or many other fans. He’s just not likable. Say what you want about NASCAR and their relationship with their sponsors. But as I discussed here. Being a brand with your sponsor is just as much a factor for me as being a good driver. I’m not going to wish for Kurt Busch to be wrecked during The Chase, that can cause someone to get hurt. But I do hope he gets head lice in his armpits and has lots of mechanical failures. I certainly won’t be visiting any Shell Stations or buying Pennzoil.

NASCAR starts it's playoffs on Sunday

The Chase

NASCAR’s playoffs start this Sunday. I know the Chase was created to compete with the NFL and create more excitement during the closing races of the season. NASCAR lost a lot of the old school fans when it was created. However, I’ve always bought into it. Especially this year with more emphasis on winning races and simplified the points system. You can see the current standings right here. This year I’m a little more into it than I have been in past seasons. Probably because I have a driver to root for, and the Chiefs don’t look that good. Let’s see what happens in Chicago.

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2 Responses to The Loose Lugnut: 9/14/11

  1. elmaquino says:

    Nascar looks like it’s going the way of WWE with these ridiculous off-track through the media fights.

    • The 1979 Daytona 500 was the first NASCAR race that was caried flag to flag on television. At the end of the race Cale Yarbourgh & Donnie Allison wreck each other and then get in a fist fight.

      If anything is WWE that’s trying script itself like NASCAR. I think NASCAR would regain some populairty if there were villians and heros and fist fights and smack talking after races.

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