There is not enough profanity. There are not enough superlatives for “suck” to describe how terrible the Chiefs are right now. Last week I wrote this: The cliché is you’re never as bad, or as good as your last game. I’m sure the Chiefs will play better this Sunday in Detroit, they can’t play any worse. The Chiefs in fact did play worse than they did last week. That is really hard to do. I guess the same fan base that has seen endless historical crappyness from their baseball team, should now get used to historical crappyness from their football team.

Chiefs are trending...down.

Last week I wasn’t sure that one game meant a lost season for a football team. Now I know this will be a lost season for the Chiefs. Jamaal Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL. Add Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki on the IR and you’ve got three key players out for the season. However, even with those playmakers on the shelf it’s no excuse for the complete lack of effort, game plan, or anything else we expect from professional athletes and organizations. It’s not so much the losing, but this team isn’t even competitive. They have been outscored 96 89-10 in two games. That’s like a 1AA team playing a BCS Title Contender in College Football. That’s like a high school football game where the game ends in the 3rd Qtr. It’s certainly not something that should be happening in the NFL.

The Chiefs are an organizational train wreck from the top on down. I’m not going to rant, rave and demand Clark Hunt do something. I’m just going to unplug from the team. No trips to Arrowhead, no gear purchases, no listening to the Official Radio Station of the Chiefs, and no DVRing the games. I’ll find something else to do. If you see enough train wrecks they’ll lose their novelty. I’m about done with this train wreck. Someone tweet or text me when new cars are on the track.

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