Community Not a Conference

I attended the Kansas State vs Kent State tilt this weekend in Manhattan. I was there to help with my Wife’s band during KSU Band Day. It’s a long day and I don’t get to partake in much of the usual pre-game activities with my friends. But it’s still a fun, albeit long day.

I'll miss Nebraska fans, but not really

For most of the day I had forgotten about conference realignment. I had about an hour to stop by the usual tailgating crew where realignment came up only briefly. As I walked back to the stadium I realized that it doesn’t matter which conference Kansas State is in. After all, this was a sell out crowd to watch Kent State. Even with the threat of rain at 70% most of them showed up.

Yes, it will suck if Kansas State loses rivals they have been playing for generations. But K-State fans, and I imagine this is true for any fan base, won’t change their game day preparation if the conference schedule changes drastically. Friends and family will still gather to watch the games. Old college friends will still reunite and tailgate. College Football will still be a focal point for community, regardless of where that community is located. I liked the Big 12 the way it was. But, We will still be fans of our schools. We will march forward with our new normal and make best of it. Regardless of what happens, I’m betting no ones game day experience suffers.

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2 Responses to Community Not a Conference

  1. Jeff McCabe says:

    What sort of bowls do you get invited to for beating Kent States instead of Nebraskas?

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