Music Video Montage: Big 12 Version

I know I said I don’t like it when pop culture and sports mix. But I must admit it can be entertaining in small doses. So I’m going to try something new. I’m going to use music videos to accent revelant sports stories. Tonight the subject is conference realignment.

At the Beginning of this week I thought I’d have to play this song about the Big 12. Instead, during the next week Dan Beebe will be using this song to serenade the Big 12 Presidents and AD’s:

Don’t you just love the mid-90’s threads in this one?

Last night the PAC-12 told Texas and Oklahoma that the PAC-12 would not be expanding. It seems Texas has a reputation. They didn’t want Texas’ kind in their home. What kind is that?

I couldn’t find an official video. This one had to do.

Finally, Latest rumors contend that if the Big 12 gets it’s internal house in order that they will try and talk Texas A&M into coming back. But I don’t think the Aggies will do that. They said this song is about the University of Texas.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas for a music video montage in regards to the world of sports let me know.

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3 Responses to Music Video Montage: Big 12 Version

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  2. Tyree Studio says:

    How about this song in tribute to Eric Hosmer:

    Seems like there is “no easy way out” of the disfunctional Big 12 for KU and KSU:

  3. Tyree Studio says:

    My bad, I posted the K.K. video twice.

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