Saturday Round Up: 9/24/11

And welcome to the last Saturday in September. It’s also the last Saturday of the regular baseball season. There are some decent match-ups on the college football circuit today too. If you’ve followed this blog you know that this is my favorite time of year. September is nice, but it’s about to get better in October. Next weekend there will be baseball playoffs and almost all college teams will have started their conference schedule. High school football will reach it’s halfway point. The NFL is the NFL. The NHL is starting it’s pre-season. And for those who care, NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup is, and will remain in full swing.

Not only is the sports world going full bore, the weather is awesome. We’ve had several days in a row of lows in the 50’s and high’s hovering around 80. In central Kansas there is not a better time of year weather wise. Not only is the temperature perfect, but there is no humidity. Makes for awesome sunsets, and awesome weather to take in a sporting event. Or do anything outside really. The only draw back is the declining sunlight. Here’s what’s on my sportsdrenched mind.

Sunset on the Pretty Prairie

Conference Realignment:

Initially I intended to stay away from this subject because of it’s volatility. However, this subject has the potential to have a huge impact on the way I consume sports. It’s constantly on my mind. This conference has been on it’s death bed several times. When the University of Oklahoma made it’s demands, and the Pac-12 decided not to expand I thought the Big 12’s heart beat picked up.

I was cautiously optimistic the league would survive until I listened to University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton’s press conference on Thursday. That press conference revealed absolutely nothing, except that there are still a lot of problems to be resolved if the Big 12 is to survive. Yet, I’m still up beat. Dan Beebe is now the former Commissioner of the Big 12. In his place is former Big 8 Commissioner Chuck Neinas. If this conference survives it will be because of Neinas’ leadership. From what I’ve read, I put the chances of the conference of surviving with it’s current members (excluding Texas A&M) at 60%. If it does survive it needs to change it’s name to: The Great Plains Lazarus League.

Royals Momentum

In the waning days of this baseball season the Kansas City Royals are on fire. They have won 9 out of their last 11, and the young hitters are crushing the baseball. My weekly article at I70 Baseball this week discusses this. With the Chiefs on the fritz there has been some discussion on the interwebs on weather Kansas City is reverting back to a Royals town. It could be. Rustin Dodd in the Kansas City Star reported this week that people are watching the Royals this fall. This is good. And not surprising, the Royals maybe 69-88, but they are entertaining to watch. Maybe next September the Royals will be on TV on the weekends.

Closing Day Extravaganza

My friends and I always have an Opening Day Extravaganza. So we decided there is no reason not to gather on the last day of the regular season and have a Closing Day Extravaganza. It won’t be as elaborate as the Opening Day festivities, but it will be fun. Besides, this is when we’ll pick the team we bandwagon through the playoffs. No word if Opening Day Santa will be there.

That is all for today. Watch lot of sports, but most importantly. Hug your family while you’re doing it. If you like sports, get drenched. sportsdrenched!

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