Frivolous Picks Week 4 Final

I did not pick any prime time games this week. All the scores have gone final for this week’s Frivolous Picks. Let’s see how I did.

I'm going to start smoking so I sound like the Grease Ball Gambling Guy on sports radio stations at 6am on Saturdays

Oklahoma State -3.5 @ Texas A&M – If I were betting over/unders I’d go with the over. aTm is at home, so I’m going to take them and the points. $100 Final Score: Oklahoma State 30, Texas A&M 29. OSU does not cover. Win! +$100

LSU -6 @ West Virginia – Are we clear this won’t be a conference game? Burn the couches anyway. LSU to cover. $100 Final Score: LSU 47, WVU 21. LSU covers. Win +$100

Rice +18 @ Baylor – Baylor to cover in a boat race. $100 Final Score: Baylor 56, Rice 31. Baylor covers. Win +$100

Arkansas +13 @ Alabama – The Crimson Tide’s SEC Opener. 13 is a big number for a conference game. Arkansas to cover. $100. Final Score: Alabama 38, Arkansas 14. Arkansas did not cover. Loss. -$100

USC +3.5 @ Arizona St – Arizona State plays sloppy and has some injuries. USC to cover. $100. Final Score: Arizona State 43, USC 22. Blew that one. Loss -$100


Kansas City +15 @ San Diego I only picked this one because of the line. It’s the biggest line in the NFL this week. Rarely is an NFL line double digits, much less more than 2 TD’s. San Diego to cover. $100. Final Score: San Diego 20, Kansas City 17. What’s scary is the Chiefs has a chance to win this game. Loss -$100

Denver + 5 @ Tennessee I have no freaking clue on this one. Denver loses, but covers. $100 Final Score: Tennessee 17, Denver 14. Denver covers Win +$100

NY Jets -3.5 @ Oakland Another tough game. It’s certainly compelling. I’m going with the Raiders. $100 Final Score: Oakland 34, NY Jets 24. Oakland wins outright. Win! +$100

Green Bay -4 @ Chicago FOX’s America’s Game of the Week! Don’t you love media hyperbole (yes, I learned a new word. Expect to see more of it). Chicago loses but covers the spread. $100. Final Score: Green Bay 27, Chicago 17. Chicago loses and does not cover. Loss -$100

Houston +5 @ New Orleans This will be another shoot out. I think I’m going with Houston to cover, if not win out right. $100 Final Score: Saints 40, Texans 33. Houston does not cover. Loss -$100

If you’re scoring at home* I went 5-5 and broke even for the week. This was my worst week to date. But I still didn’t lose any money. Season totals are 24-15-1 with a net gain of $800. Total FP Account is $1800. On to next week!

*=I love this term, yet I’ve only scored a baseball game once while I was there. And only met one person who ever scored at home. I might do some research on this to see how prevalent this used to be.

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