Oh My! Look at That Schedule

The Buffalo Bills are 3-0, so are the Detroit Lions. I think this is awesome. Being a Royals and Chiefs fan I know what it’s like to go through bad stretches with your favorite team. I’m happy for the fan bases in Detroit and Buffalo. Any Saints fan can tell you. If your team has been that bad for that long, and then your team wins a Championship it makes it that much sweeter.

visit http://www.fantasyshrink.com if you want to download a 2011 NFL Schedule. Or you could type it out yourself.

My primary purpose in pointing out the record of those two teams to re-enforce what we already know about the NFL. That it’s unpredictable in ways that the experts whose job it is to predict this stuff cannot predict. Which is why I laugh every April when the NFL releases their schedule and “Talk Radio Expert Guy” starts deliberating on who has a tough schedule and who has easy schedule. They don’t even preface this analysis with “the NFL is unpredictable…”. No they just fiat their predictions as fact.

Predicting football games is fun. I even make my attempt at it with the Frivolous Picks posts. However, I’m very clear that these are predictions. If you want to conjecture about a team that will surprise some people. Go ahead and do that. If you want to predict a certain team’s record, Go ahead and do that too. But do not tell me a schedule is tough or easy. You don’t know. No one knows, and that’s why the NFL is the King of America.

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