Frivolous Picks Week 5 Final

Week 5 of the football season is over. Let’s see what happened.

No. 14 Texas A&M vs. No. 18 Arkansas – Texas A&M’s SEC Opener. Too bad they haven’t beaten an SEC team since that first fall I had my driver’s license. Arkansas isn’t as strong as last year, and A&M will be seething to get after someone after their 2nd half collapse last week. Texas A&M, $100.

Final Score: Arkansas 42, Texas A&M 38 – Another epic collapse for the Aggies in the second half. Which means it’s an epic collapse of $100 for me. See if I bet on them again. Loss -$100.

Washington State at Colorado – Colorado had a previously scheduled non-conference game with the Cal Bears. This is Colorado’s official Pac-12 Opener. Wazzou is terrible, and they’re on the road. Colorado stampedes here. $100

Final Score: Washington State 31, Colorado 27 – Apparently Washington St has improved since last year…and the Buffaloes have not. Loss -$100

No. 8 Nebraska at No. 7 Wisconsin – Nebraska’s first game in their new conference is really tough. I’d like to watch this game but I will be making my way back from Manhattan. Wisconsin has looked good but they haven’t played anyone. Nebraska did have a road game at Wyoming but they haven’t played anyone either. I’ll go with the home team. On Wisconsin! $100

Final Score: Wisconsin 48, Nebraska 17 – What a display by the Badgers. Once again Nebraska isn’t as good as they though they were. All three conference movers lose. Win! $100

Michigan State at Ohio State – This game is the 230 ABC game. I love attending 230 games, and I like watching them on TV. I like the long shadows as afternoon slides into evening as the football game progresses. Ohio State is really struggling. I’m going with Michigan State. $100

Final Score: Michigan St 10, Ohio State 7 – 10-7 is a classic Big 10 score. Nice job fellas. Win! $100

No. 3 Alabama at No. 12 Florida – Night time in the Swamp. Another epic college football atmosphere. This is a prime time game on CBS. Florida is up and coming and at home. But I think the Tide Rolls here as they have more experience. $100

Final Score: Alabama 38, Florida 10 – Umm Yeah, that went like I thought it would. If games went like I thought they would more often I’d play this game with real money. Win! $100

Finished the college portion 3-2, and up $100.


Detroit at Dallas – I think the last team the battered Tony Romo and O-line want to see right now is the Detroit Lions. I think the Cowboys have been sneaking by. Detroit is 3-0 and has some play makers. They are not a fluke. Detroit to win on the road. $100

Final Score: Detroit 34, Dallas 30 – Detroit won, but they came back from 24 down late in the 3rd Qtr to do it. It’s still a win. Detroit looks good, while Dallas has some problems. Win! $100

San Francisco at Philadelphia – Michael Vick is banged up but expected to play. The 49ers are improved but they’re making a 1pm kick in the eastern time zone. I never bet on West Coast teams in that situation. Philadelphia. $100.

Final Score: San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23 – Obviously I didn’t expect this one, because I picked Philly. San Francisco looking good in a winnable division, the Eagles better get to work on that Dream Team thing. Loss -$100

New England at Oakland – Oakland isn’t a fluke either. They will come out and punch you in the mouth. New England making a long road trip. I’m going with Oakland. $100

Final Score: New England 31. Oakland 19 – Oakland wasn’t as good as I thought. New England is still who I thought they were. (I know that’s clichéd now, but it never gets old). I still think Oakland can win the AFC West. Loss -$100

NY Jets at Baltimore – Sunday Night Football. I don’t know why, but I’m going with Baltimore. $100

Final Score: Baltimore 34, NY Jets 17 – The Baltimore D is why I picked Baltimore. They scored 3 Touch Downs! That’s more than their offense. Weirdly awesome. And it’s a Win! +$100

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay – Indy still has no Peyton Manning. Tampa Bay has a healthy Josh Freeman, and they’re at home. Tampa Bay. $100

Tampa Bay 24, Indianapolis 17 This game was closer than I thought. LeGerrette Blount is emerging as a running threat. Tampa Bay’s future is much brighter than the Chiefs. Win! +$100

NFL portion finishes identically to the college portion. 3-2 and up $100. Week 5 totals are 6-4 and up $200. Better than last week. Season totals are 30-19-1 and up $1000. I still have not had a losing week. Total FP: $2000. Next Week I’ll pick against the spread again. I think going straight up actually hurt this week.

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