Frivolous Picks Week 6

The FP: Account has $2000. I’ve doubled my money in 5 weeks. This week I’m going to increase the amount bet on each game to $150. This will either work out really well, or it won’t.

Stakes are getting higher this week.

College Football:

It’s possible to lose the remote this Saturday. The local ABC Affiliate has these three games this Saturday. But let’s not push the remote thing. My attention span isn’t that good. Check it:

11am: Red River Shootout (yes I called it that) #11 Texas –9.5 vs # 3 Oklahoma at The Cotton Bowl – This is always one of my favorite games of the year. 9.5 is a big number, especially for a rivalry game. I’m going to take Texas and the 9.5. $150

230pm: Missouri -3 @ #20 Kansas State – I am no longer betting on games I’m emotionally involved in. I’ll pick the other Kansas team.

230pm: Kansas +33 @ #6 Oklahoma State – Um That’s a huge line. But KU’s defense has been terrible, and OSU offense is prolific. That’s still a big line. Jayhawks and the points. $150

7pm: Ohio State +10 @ #14 Nebraska – Nebraska’s Big 10 Home Opener. Nebraska will be looking to redeem them selves after last week’s embarrassing loss at Wisconsin. Ohio State will still have suspended players for NCAA infractions even though they say they’re “the poster child for compliance”. I’m taking Nebraska to cover. $150

I’ll need to find my remote for this game when KSU-MU go to commercial.

230pm: #17 Florida +12 @ #1 LSU – Florida wasn’t within 20 of Alabama at home. This game is on the road, and against a better team. LSU to cover. +$150

And let’s face it. The SEC is the best football conference. Let’s do one more. In Fayetteville, at night.

6pm: #15 Auburn +10 @ #10 Arkansas – Auburn has been hard to read this year. But we know Arkansas can score some points. I think I’m going with Auburn to cover. $150 But if you ask me again I might change my mind.


Bye weeks start this week and will run until Week 10, November 10th. This is an irritating part of the season. There are fewer games to choose from. But where Bye weeks really cause problems are with Fantasy Football! I mean what’s in important here, the physical and mental health of players and coaches…or Fantasy Football? At least there are 13 games to gamble on. I’m only choosing 5.

Tennessee +3 @ Pittsburgh – I would almost pick Tennessee straight up. They’re getting 3. So, Titans and the points. $150

Tampa Bay +3 @ San Francisco – This one of those lines where you realize that Vegas is really good at setting lines. Tampa Bay has a long road trip. But that didn’t work with the Eagles last week. Tampa Bay and the points. $150

San Diego –5.5 @ Denver – Two teams I don’t have a lot of faith in. But if the home team is getting 5.5, I have to take that. Denver. $150

Green Bay –3.5 @ Atlanta – Until the Packers prove me wrong I’m picking them. Packers to cover. $150

Chicago +6 @ Detroit – Love this game. I think Detroit will win. But 6 points is a lot in the NFL. Chicago and the points. $150

That’s $1500 on the table. Good thing it’s all frivolous. Happy football watching!

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