Frivolous Picks Week 6 Final

Just from the scores I know about…this week didn’t go well for me. Let’s see the damage.

College Football:

#11 Texas –9.5 vs # 3 Oklahoma at The Cotton Bowl – This is always one of my favorite games of the year. 9.5 is a big number, especially for a rivalry game. I’m going to take Texas and the 9.5. $150

Final Score Oklahoma 55, Texas 17 – Well, I guess I misjudged both teams. That happened a lot this week. Loss -$150

Kansas +33 @ #6 Oklahoma State – Um That’s a huge line. But KU’s defense has been terrible, and OSU offense is prolific. That’s still a big line. Jayhawks and the points. $150

Final Score: Oklahoma State 70, Kansas 28 – KU’s defense is bad, really bad. Even worse than I thought. Loss -$150

Ohio State +10 @ #14 Nebraska – Nebraska’s Big 10 Home Opener. Nebraska will be looking to redeem them selves after last week’s embarrassing loss at Wisconsin. Ohio State will still have suspended players for NCAA infractions even though they say they’re the poster child for compliance. I’m taking Nebraska to cover. $150

Final Score: Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27 – Looked for a while that Nebraska was going to lose outright. They came back to win, but they didn’t cover. Loss -$150

#17 Florida +12 @ #1 LSU – Florida wasn’t within 20 of Alabama at home. This game is on the road, and against a better team. LSU to cover. +$150

Final Score: LSU 41, Florida 11 – Finally a game that went the way I thought is would. Win! +$150

#15 Auburn +10 @ #10 Arkansas – Auburn has been hard to read this year. But we know Arkansas can score some points. I think I’m going with Auburn to cover. $150 But if you ask me again I might change my mind.

Final Score: Arkansas 38, Auburn 14 – Should have changed my mind. Loss -$150

College Totals are 1-4, with a staggering loss of -$450. I’m in trouble this week.


Tennessee +3 @ Pittsburgh – I would almost pick Tennessee straight up. They’re getting 3. So, Titans and the points. $150

Final Score: Pittsburgh 38, Tennessee 17 – I guess I should be surprised that a random game didn’t go my way. Loss -$150

Tampa Bay +3 @ San Francisco – This one of those lines where you realize that Vegas is really good at setting lines. Tampa Bay has a long road trip. But that didn’t work with the Eagle last week. Tampa Bay and the points. $150

Final Score: San Francisco 48, Tampa Bay 3 – Another game that went horribly wrong. Loss –$150

San Diego –5.5 @ Denver – Two teams I don’t have a lot of faith in. But if the home team is getting 5.5 I have to take that. Denver. $150

Final Score: San Diego 29, Denver 24 – A Cover, by a half a point. Thanks Tim Tebow. Win +$150

Green Bay –3.5 @ Atlanta – Until the Packer prove me wrong I’m picking them. Packers to cover. $150

Final Score: Green Bay 25, Atlanta 14 – Like I said. Until Green Bay proves me wrong I’m picking them to win. Statically that’s probably not a smart thing to do. Win +$150

Chicago +6 @ Detroit – Love this game. I think Detroit will win. But 6 points is a lot in the NFL. Chicago and the points. $150

Final Score: Detroit 24, Chicago 13 – Next to Green Bay, Detroit looks like the best team in NFC right now. Can’t wait for those two to get together. Their first meeting is in Detroit Nov 24th, and the return game is the last game of the season Jan 1st. Win +$150

NFL portion ended a little better than college. Went 3-2 with a gain of $150. However, this means I went 4-6 with a loss of $300. Record for the season: 34-25-1. Gain for the year drops to $700. Total FP Account: $1700. I think next week I’ll be a little more conservative like I was when I was winning.

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