Kansas State Football Success: It’s Likely

Don’t look now, but football season is quickly disappearing. Consider that there are only three weeks left in the Kansas High School regular season. After this weekend most college teams will be half way through their season. The NFL season just completed Week 5. However, the NFL Season is the only one that seems to last very long.

Of all the teams I root for the Kansas State Wildcats are the only team having a good season. Excuse me. They’re having an excellent season. They’re 5-0. They went on the road and beat The U at The U. They have beat two conference opponents at home. Teams they weren’t supposed to beat. The question becomes how excited should I, and other KSU fans, get about this football team.

For the first time in a few years KSU is ranked in football

There are seven games remaining. Here is how I look at it. There are two games the Cats are likely (I refrain from using absolute terms in sports. Nothing is absolute in sports until there is an F next to the score) to win. October 22nd when they visit Lawrence, and December 3rd when Iowa State comes to Manhattan.

There are two games the Cats are likely to lose. October 29th when the Sooners come to Manhattan and November 5th they visit Stillwater. They could win those games, but I’d be lying to you if I told you I thought they had a good chance.

This leaves three games that I believe could go either way. This weekend when they travel to Lubbock. November 12th when Texas A&M visits Manhattan, and November 19th when they travel to Austin to take on the Longhorns. I can make cases for winning those games, but the arguments for losing are as equally compelling.

A worst case scenario has the Wildcats finishing the year at 7-5. Should that come to fruition they would go to minor bowl, maybe a return trip to the Pinstripe Bowl. If that were to happen I think there would be a lot of disappointment especially after starting 5-0. Best case scenario would be a record of 10-2, and a trip to nice Bowl, maybe even a BCS Bowl if things break correctly. This would be awesome. Certainly something to get excited about.

What will happen is probably some where in the middle. Watching what will happen, will be compelling, entertaining, and take years off of our lives. They aren’t called the Cardiac Cats for no reason.

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