Frivolous Picks Week 7 Final

I hope every one had a good weekend. The games certainly looked exciting. I followed the Kansas State vs Texas Tech game on my phone around the campfire Saturday evening. I will be writing more about camping later this week. Because, you know, camping gear is sold in the sporting goods section. Other than that I’m finding it more difficult to find time to write. I’ve got a few ideas. I just need to find the time to sit down and hammer them out.
Anyway. Let’s see if my gambling skills won me any frivolous money. Since I didn’t watch most of these games I’ll keep the comments to minimium and just post the results.

Back to being conservative this week


#11 Michigan +3 @ #23 Michigan State – This will be Michigan’s first serious road game. Michigan St’s defense will be the Wolverine’s biggest test this season. I think I’m going with the home team. MSU to cover.

Final Score: Michigan State 28, Michigan 14Win +$100

#6 Oklahoma State –7.5 @ #22 Texas – Oklahoma State has covered every spread I’ve picked this year. Even though this game is in Austin I’m going with OSU to cover.

Final Score: Oklahoma State 38, Texas 26Win +$100

#20 Baylor +8.5 @ #21 Texas A&M – The way A&M gives up points I have a hard time not pick Baylor. So I will. Baylor to cover.

Final Score: Texas A&M 55, Baylor 28Loss -$100

#8 Clemson -7 @ Maryland – I don’t know much about either of these teams. Except Maryland has controversial uniforms. I think Clemson rolls here. Clemson to cover.

Final Score: Clemson 56, Maryland 45Win +$100

#18 Arizona State + 14 @ #9 Oregon – I think Oregon has their way with the Sun Devils.
Ducks to cover.

Final Score: Oregon 41, Arizona State 27Push $0

College section tally: 3-1-1 +$200


San Francisco +4.5 @ Detroit – A match up of 2011 surprise teams. I really like the Lions this year and think they’re a victory over the Packers in the playoffs away from the Super Bowl. Detroit to cover.

Final Score: San Francisco 25, Detroit 19Loss -$100

Philadelphia –1.5 @ Washington – The Dream Team is 1-4. They lose this game to the division leading Redskins their season is over. The Eagles are losing on both sides of the ball in trenches. When that’s happening you can have HOF skill players and have a rough season. Washington to cover, if not win outright.

Final Score: Philadelphia 20, Washington 13Loss -$100

New Orleans –4.5 @ Tampa Bay – If the home team is getting 4.5 I have to take that. Of course I thought Tampa Bay would show up on their trip to San Francisco too. Bucs to cover.

Final Score: Tampa Bay 26, New Orleans 20Win +$100

Buffalo +3.5 @ NY Giants – I think I’m going with Buffalo to cover, but I’m not sure why.

Final Score: NY Giants 27, Buffalo 24 – Cover by a half point. Win +$100
Dallas +7 @ New England – Dallas plays they team they think that are. I see New England rolling here. Dallas is too inconsistent. New England to cover.

Final Score: New England 20, Dallas 16 – I did watch the 4th quarter of this game. And I’m still confused by Dallas’ play calling at the end. Can’t make those mistakes in Dallas. It will cause your seat to get warm. Loss -$100

NFL section tally 2-3 -$100

That means the I went 5-4-1 +$100. Not an exciting week, but I still came out ahead. For the season I am: 39-29-2 and a net gain of $800. Total in the FP Account: $1800. On to Week 8

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