A Weekend For The Ages

This past sports weekend was full of fantastic finishes, historical performances, and other stuff that makes you stand up and tweet, text, status update, call, send smoke signals or say out loud: “Did that just happen?” A weekend like this can only happen in October when you have the convergence of summer sports and fall sports. Here’s what happened, or at least what I heard about.


There was no World Series. I went to a Straight No Chaser concert instead of attending a High School Football game. But I heard that my Alma Mater Wichita South made the KSHAA Playoffs for only the 2nd time in 30 years. So what if they’re in a weak playoff district. This is a historical event! I’ll be getting my HS Football on, on Thursday…which presents a problem because if there is a Game 7 in the World Series it will be Thursday too.


Saturday was rather pedestrian through-out the day. There were no upsets or surprises in College Football. However, as the sun set on the last Saturday of daylight savings time things began to get exciting. First the Texas Tech at Oklahoma game was delayed by a severe thunderstorm. I wonder if the Meteorology students at OU were rooting for more severe weather, or for the game to start?

Anyway, The first memorable moment was the finish of the Wisconsin at Michigan State game. A flurry of scoring in the 4th quarter was capped off when MSU QB Kirk Cousins threw a hail-mary pass as time expired. The pass bounced off one receiver, tipped by a defender and then landed in Keith Nichol’s arms who was standing at the two yard line. Nichol’s made a play for the end zone. It appeared he made it across the goal line. Upon further review..He Did! MSU wins 37-31. By then Albert Pujols has hit his first home run of the evening. And an unbeaten team in College Football goes down.

Meanwhile, at the Ballpark at Arlington the St Louis Cardinals were ahead 8-6 in the top of the sixth inning. Albert Pujols hits his second home run to make the score 11-6 and the rout was on.

Texas Tech and Oklahoma started playing football, and Texas Tech was running rough shod over the Sooners. In the third quarter Tommy Tuberville calls a timeout. Time to flip over to the World Series just in time to see..yep you guest it, Albert Pujols hit his third home run of the evening. This means Albert is kind of good at baseball. It also means he joins Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only players in MLB history to hit three home runs in a World Series game. Somewhere, Fernando Arango the Tampa Bay Rays scout who told the Rays to draft Pujols is drinking another bottle of “ToldYaSo” Champagne.

Finally, after I had gone to bed. Texas Tech held off a second half charge by Oklahoma and finished with a final score of 41-38. Another unbeaten falls in a wild evening. That was the first Sooners loss in Norman since Labor Day Weekend 2005. TCU had the honor that weekend. Caught your breath? Good, the weekend was only half over.


My plan was pretty straightforward on Sunday: Talladega, Chiefs-Raiders, and World Series. What I didn’t count on was it being so nice outside. The boy and I headed out to the park to play football. We might have played on a jungle gym too. Talladega can be DVR’d. We got done at the park in time to watch Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer complete more passes to the Chiefs than to the Raiders, or at least it seemed like that. Clint Boywer won the NASCAR race by a few hundredths of a second over Jeff Burton. Then it was time for dinner and the World Series. Game 4 of the World Series was not dramatic, but Derek Holland treated us to a nice pitching performance. Rangers and Cardinals are tied at 2 games apiece. I’m not rooting for either team, but I am rooting for as much baseball as possible.

And thus ends a sporting weekend that will be hard to live up to heading into the winter. Now it’s time to start the workweek. At least Monday is in the books.

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