Frivolous Picks Week 9

Last week I only bet on college games. This week I will bet one over-under to help make up for being a slacker. Not sure how much football I’ll get to watch this weekend. There are at least two games for which I’ll be clearing my schedule. Oklahoma at Kansas State on Saturday, and Chargers visiting Arrowhead on Monday Night Football. At the office HR has already essentially given permission to wear Chiefs gear on Monday.


BYU +11 @ TCU – I only point this one out for the liturgical irony. A match-up of one of the most conservative church denominations in The Church of Latter Day Saints, taking on one of the most liberal in The Christian Church. I know more about the dogma involved than I know about the underdog. I’m going with BYU and the points. $100

Michigan St +3.5 @ Nebraska – As a college football fan I can admit that Nebraska in the Big1G does make for some compelling match-ups. But the fan in me wants them to lose. MSU and the points. $100

West Virginia @ Rutgers – I’d like welcome West Virginia to the Big 12. Wait a Minute? I have some questions. Nevermind.

Missouri +12.5 @ Texas A&M – Hey look an SEC game disguised as a Big 12 game. I wonder if Vern Lundquist will be calling this game. Just like in the Big 12, they’re still not in the same division. I expect the Aggies to roll. $100

Georgia –1.5 v Florida @ Jacksonville – This is probably Vern’s actual game. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Ooops, you’re not supposed to say that anymore. Disappointing is too strong a word for these teams, how about lowered expectations. With Florida being the underdog on a neutral field I will take the Gators. $100

Baylor +15.5 @ Oklahoma State – If you like track meet, offensive explosion football this is your game. With Oklahoma’s loss last week I think the Cowboys can seriously consider a Conference & National Title. Baylor to lose, but covers the spread. $100

CFB Bonus: Baylor @ OSU O/U: 79 pts – Oklahoma State 55, Baylor 47. Over. $100


Detroit –3.5 @ Denver – On one hand this game is at Mile High. On the other, Detroit’s D is going to make Tim Tebow’s life miserable. However, the Lions offense has had it’s own problems. I think Denver loses but covers. $100

Washington +5 @ Buffalo – This is one of those sucker-you-in lines. And I’m gonna be the sucker. Mostly because it’s not real money. Washinton and the points. $100

New England –1.5 @ Pittsburgh – I don’t know much about the actual match-up in this game. So I’ll go with brand and perception. New England to cover. $100

Dallas +3.5 @ Philadelphia – It’s quite possible the Texas Rangers will have won the World Series by the time this game kicks-off. That means the Stars, Mavericks, and Rangers will have won a title in Dallas since the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. That means more pressure on a team that always has expectations to live up to, but never seems to. I’m not real confident in the Eagles either. So I guess Dallas to cover. $100

San Diego -4 @ Kansas City – Monday Night Football on Halloween at Arrowhead. How on earth can you not go with the Chiefs to win?. Chiefs and the points. $100.

That’s $1100 on the line this week. Enjoy the games.

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