The Royals, They’re Killing Me!

Thanks to fellow Royals blogger Brian McGannon, this article has been the most visited post on this web site. As you can tell from the original article I thought the idea of a Royals casket rather amusing, but didn’t give it much credit.

The Royals are killing me!

Boy was I wrong. Based on the response I got on Twitter a lot of people are interested in a Royals casket. Just goes to show, just because you don’t think it’s a good idea. Doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. The casket is a fun twist to a serious subject. I once heard of a church member that had spelled out in his will that the pallbearers at his funeral were to wear the jerseys of his favorite sports teams. A casket of a favorite team seems to fall along those lines. Or take it to another level entirely. After all, fan is short for fanatic.

Based on the popularity on Twitter I decided to investigate. The casket is marketed by a company based in Wichita, KS called Til We Meet Again. I stopped by their Wichita location last week to see what this place was about. If you’re passionate about anything, anything at all, and you want to be eternally surrounded in your passion Til We Meet Again can get the job done.

Til We Meet Again can supply caskets and urns for Major League Baseball and all Division-I Colleges. They can use family photos to create a custom casket. If your thing is motorcycles, hunting, fishing or even the band KISS. It’s all here. Want your ashes stored in a rod and reel? They can do that too.

I met Office Manager Angela, and owner Nathan Smith. Nathan said there would be franchises opening in Florida in Arizona in the near future. Unfortunately, I was informed that the Royals casket was at their Hutchinson location. So I had to take pictures of this Red Sox casket.

If you want more information you can visit their web site that I have linked above. You can watch this YouTube video. You can also read the two articles Carrie Rengers wrote in the Wichita Eagle here and here.

So the next time you proclaim your team is killing you. Remember there’s a place that can make that easier on your survivors.

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