photo by Mike Shepherd

I don’t get a chance to post original photos very often. My friend Mike Shepherd sent me this panoramic photo of Carpenter Stadium in Wichita a few weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for a good time to use it. Tonight seems to be the best night to put it on display.

In this picture is Wichita Heights (white), the defending Kansas 6A State Champs and the favorite to win it again. They’re playing Wichita South (blue) who has made the playoffs too. They might win a game, but not much more than that. Heights hung more than 60 points on South in this game.

Tonight and tomorrow night concludes the regular High School Football season in Kansas. Many teams have made the playoffs. The smaller schools will line it up Tuesday night, and then again the following Friday. This post isn’t for them. This post is dedicated to all the kids that were like me. In the next 24 hours many high school seniors will play their last down of football. Those kids know who they are. They might cry a little. They might be a little depressed for a few days. Then they’ll move on with their lives. At least until the next fall, and every fall after that. It’s not so much watching other kids play football that brings back memories. For me it’s that first whiff of earth as dew develops on grass in the evenings in early fall. You smell that a lot playing football. I still smell it when I run outside in the mornings, and when I go camping. But, that smell will always remind me of football even though it occurs in my more recent activities.

So, for all the guys playing their last game? Enjoy your last sunset as a football player, before dusk falls and they turn off the lights.

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