Frivolous Picks Week 9 Final

Wow, what a disastrous week. Here is what happened.


BYU +11 @ TCUI’m going with BYU and the points. $100

Final Score: TCU 38, BYU 28 – Started the week off with a Win! +$100. But the momentum was short lived.

Michigan St +3.5 @ NebraskaMSU and the points. $100

Final Score: Nebraska 24, Michigan St 3Loss -$100

Missouri +12.5 @ Texas A&MI expect the Aggies to roll. $100

Final Score: Missouri 38, Texas A&M 31 – The Aggies did not role. Their Defense has some serious issues. Loss -$100

Georgia –1.5 v Florida @ Jacksonvilletake the Gators. $100

Final Score: Georgia 24, Florida 20Loss -$100

Baylor +15.5 @ Oklahoma StateBaylor to lose, but covers the spread. $100

Final Score: Oklahoma St 59, Baylor 24 – Baylor lost, but they didn’t come close to covering. Loss -$100

CFB Bonus: Baylor @ OSU O/U: 79 pts – Oklahoma State 55, Baylor 47. Over. $100

Total Score: 83 – I got close to the OSU score in my predictions, not so much with the Baylor score. It’s still a badly needed Win! +$100

The college portion finishes 2-4, and a net loss of $200. Ouch.


Detroit –3.5 @ DenverI think Denver loses but covers. $100

Final Score: Lions 45, Broncos 10 – The Detroit D made Tebow’s day miserable. And Denver lost, but they did not cover. Loss. -$100

Washington +5 @ BuffaloWashinton and the points. $100

Final Score: Buffalo 23, Washington 0 – I guess I’m putting too much faith in the underdogs. Loss. -$100

New England –1.5 @ PittsburghNew England to cover. $100

Final Score: Pittsburgh 25, New England 17 – New England has officially let me down. See if I do that again. Loss. -$100

Dallas +3.5 @ PhiladelphiaDallas to cover. $100

Final Score: Philadelphia 34, Dallas 7 – Dallas didn’t cover, they didn’t even show up. Loss. -$100

San Diego -4 @ Kansas CityChiefs and the points. $100

Final Score: Kansas City 23, San Diego 20 – This is the only NFL game I watched this week. It’s also the only NFL game that went my way. Win! +$100

For the NFL: 1-4, net loss of $300. Damn

For the Week: 3-8, net loss of $500.

For the Season: 44-40-2. FP Account contains: $1200. Despite this horrendous week, I’m up $200 on the season. That’s still disappointing considering at one point I was up $1000. Which goes to show. If you’ve doubled you’re money in anything you should just get out while you’re ahead. However, the money is not real and I said I would play until the Super Bowl or I ran out of money. Which ever occurred first. So, I live to gamble another week.

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