Frivolous Picks Week 10

To review, last week was a train wreck. There are $1200 in the FP account. Another bad week and I’ll be getting close to running out of money.


Florida State -16 @ Boston College – A Thursday game. This is the last Thursday College Football has to itself. Next week the NFL starts it’s Thursday schedule. FSU has been hard for me to figure out. It’s a road conference game, and that’s a big number. I guess I’ll take: Seminoles to cover. $100

Texas A&M +13.5 @ Oklahoma – When both these teams are dialed in they are tough to beat. However, both have shown displays of not paying attention. But Oklahoma is at home. And we know their defense is better than A&M’s. Sooners to cover. $100

Army +15 @ Air Force – Figured I’d get a couple Service Academies in here. This is CBS’s 230 game. Good for CBS. Don’t know much about either team, but the Falcons are at home. Home for the Falcons is above 6500 ft. Air Force covers. $100

South Carolina +5 @ Arkansas – I’m sure ESPN made CBS hand this game over in exchange for letting them show LSU-Bama in primetime. I think I’m going with the Gamecocks to lose, but cover. $100

LSU +6 @ Alabama – Finally, the game everyone has been waiting for. This line has since gone down to 4.5. But it’s my blog, I make the rules. I’m going with the opening number. I don’t know if LSU will win. But they can cover the spread. LSU to cover. $100


Cleveland +10 @ Houston – I don’t know much about these teams but 10 is a big number in the NFL and Houston has a habit of under-performing. Browns to cover. $100

NY Giants +7.5 @ New England – I think I’ve lost every game that has involved New England. Which is why I’m going to pick the Giants to cover. $100

Denver +8 @ Oakland – I can only imagine what the Gentleman of the Black Hole have in store for Tim Tebow. Oakland is coming off the bye week. They should be better than their last outing against Kansas City. Despite Denver being a bad team, they have covered the spread every time they have appeared in FP. 8 is a big number. Denver to cover. $100

Green Bay –5.5 @ San Diego – Green Bay is good. They have covered every time I thought they should. San Diego always finds a way to lose and not live up to expectations. Packers to cover. $100

Pittsburgh –3.5 @ Baltimore – It’s the Black & Blue game on Sunday Night Football. Baltimore is having trouble scoring. Pittsburgh appears to back on the right track. So I will pick Pittsburgh to cover. $100.

Those are the games Sunshine. Enjoy the weekend.

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