Ultimate College Football Road Trip

I’ve always thought it would be fun to visit Lawrence and Manhattan on the same day for a Sunflower College Football Doubleheader. The two towns are only 90 miles apart. For this to happen you would need an 11am kickoff in one town, and an evening kickoff in the other. However, something like this would take some logistical planning and calendar clearing. The networks only have to give two weeks lead-time in game selection, that makes it pretty tough to plan considering my Saturdays tend to get tied up months in advance. I’ve been looking for this opportunity for a few years, and I can only think of one Saturday where such a time arrangement has occurred, and of course I was busy that day.

This doubleheader does not have to be limited to the Sunflower State. I’m sure something like this is more possible in the population dense southeast. I don’t know the college geography that well in the southeast, and I’d have to fly to my starting point. It’s just less convenient. That does not mean such trips are not impossible out here on the prairie. Three weeks ago I was looking at today’s slate of college football games and noticed in the eastern half of Oklahoma and western Arkansas there will be three Top 25 match-ups played within 250 miles. You have #9 South Carolina at #7 Arkansas in Fayetteville. #14 Kansas State at #3 Oklahoma State in Stillwater. I guess Texas A&M isn’t ranked, but they’re playing #6 Oklahoma in Norman. If you had a little help from the networks you could get to two of them. Unfortunately, the start times won’t even allow you to make the 85-mile trip from Stillwater to Norman without missing part of a game. Texas A&M at Oklahoma starts at 230 CDT, South Carolina at Arkansas starts at 615 CDT, and Kansas State at Oklahoma State starts at 7pm.

I guess I’ll stay at home and flip between The Game of the Eon: LSU at Alabama and Kansas State at Oklahoma State. Hitting two Division-I football games in one Saturday is on my bucket list. (I have gone to an 11am kickoff in Lawrence, and then to an evening Royals game) One of these falls things will work out and I’ll get it done. Rest assured the shenanigans and hijinks that would occur on such a road trip will be chronicled here.

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