We’ve Bowed to The Idols

I lied in yesterdays post when I said I was done discussing the situation at Penn State. There’s just too much to comprehend. Especially since I made the mistake of listening to sports radio for a good part of the day. Franky I’m still not mentally ready to talk about fun stuff in regards to sports.

I know it’s contradictory. I have a created a blog called sportsdrenched. Because sports is my only form of entertainment. But that’s just it. It’s entertainment. It’s games. It’s designed to take our minds off of real problems.

One of the problems I see out of this Penn State situation is people elevating sports beyond where it belongs. Sports should not be above the law, and human dignity. You’re seeing an example of what happens when it is.

There will be an infinate number of words written and spoken about this situation going forward so I will finally be quiet about this.

Before you go you need to watch this video from the Skit Guys. When I first saw this video it was like a kick in the gut. But it reminded me to keep things, sports especially, in perspective.

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