Frivolous Picks Week 11

This past summer was a rough one for college football. Suspensions, rules violations, and then came the Nevin Shapiro scandal and the University of Miami. Finally, the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend referee’s blew their whistles, there was a run up to the kick, and we had games to take our minds off stuff.

This weekend is kind of like that. The Penn State scandal broke a week ago and it’s dominated the sports landscape. Tomorrow at noon eastern games will be kicked off and all this messed up stuff will take a back seat for a while.

If games are going to be played I need to play Frivolous Picks. I have not done any research this week. All of these picks will be WAG. I barely had enough time to look up the lines. So here goes.


Oklahoma State –19.5 @ Texas Tech – Based on comparative opponents. I’m going with Oklahoma State to cover. $100

Florida +4 @ South Carolina – The OBC takes on his old team and Alma Mater. I think South Carolina covers. $100

Auburn +13 @ Georgia – This line looks weird to me. Which means I will probably lose no matter what I pick. Auburn may lose, but they cover. $100

Miami +9.5 @ Florida State – I guess this game intrigues me because when I was a kid it was THE game. It’s hardly that anymore. Florida State to cover. $100

Oregon +3 @ Stanford – The game of the day as far as I’m concerned. Oregon is getting 3, but they’re on the road. It’s a almost a pick ‘em. So I’ll go with Stanford to cover. $100


New Orleans @ Atlanta – The website I use to look up the lines had this game opening as New Orleans as a half point favorite. Now it’s a pick ‘em. So we’ll go with that. I’m going with The Saints. $100

Pittsburgh –3.5 @ Cincinnati – The Steelers have been a hard team to figure out this year. They might lose this game, but if they do I think they’ll still cover. Pittsburgh and the points. $100

Detroit +2.5 @ Chicago – Chicago is the favorite here? Must be an injury I don’t know about. Detroit to cover. $100

New England –2.5 @ NY Jets – Uhhh Jets and the points. $100

Minnesota +12.5 @ Green Bay – Another big NFL line. I’m going to go against my better judgement and bet against the Packers. Vikings to cover. $100

Happy Weekend

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