Bowl Season…or Hangover Season?

The purpose of this blog was to facilitate the discussion on how to balance life, and sports. I haven’t written in a while because real life has got in the way of sports the past few weeks. Frivolous Picks even took a bye week. Sometimes this happens. There is a time for every purpose. We’re coming into the Thanksgiving Holiday and I am really looking forward to some down time.

As I look ahead to my down time and the sporting events that I might get to watch I realize that there are only two regular college football Saturday’s remaining in the season. Since I will be traveling to Manhattan for Kansas State’s finale with Iowa State on December 3rd. Friday and Saturday of this weekend will be my last chance to sit on the couch and flip between several different games. I know the NFL still has the home stretch of it’s season, but unless you have NFL Sunday Ticket, which I refuse to pay for, there isn’t a lot of flipping around on Sunday afternoons.

College football is the shortest season anyone cares about. It essentially lasts between Labor Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend. Then it’s over, leaving fans pining again for the first steamy Saturday in September…nine long months away. Oh what’s that? I’m forgetting about the Bowl Season? I didn’t forget, I’m just choosing to ignore it.

A college gameday is a microcosm of the college football season. Gameday is awesome! People are partying. You can smell the tailgating miles before you get to the tailgating. It’s a giant party, and that’s before the game even starts. Then there’s the game. The pageantry, the long shadows on a cool afternoon, the bands, more food, more drinks…and oh yeah, there is some football. Then the game is over. The fans file back to their cars and dorms to pack up and recover. That’s what the college football regular season is. The current bowl system is like a post football game hangover. You wake up with a headache wonder what the hell just happened. Nothing is where it belongs and nothing makes sense. So you call and text your friends to figure out what happaned, but they’re not sure either so you debate what happened, or should have happened and it just makes your headache worse. It’s just a bad situation.

Maybe I can illustrate the ridiculousness of the bowl system another way. We just had one of the best baseball regular seasons and post seasons in recent memory. Let’s chuck all that for this plan: The Phillies and the Yankees will play one game to determine the World Series Champion in…New Orleans. The Brewers and Tigers will play a game, but it won’t mean anything…in Miami! The Rangers and Diamondbacks will play each other in another meaningless game..but not in Phoenix, how about Dallas? Sound dumb? It is. But wait there’s more exhibition baseball to be played. Any team that has 81 wins is eligible to play in an exhibition game. You can look forward to match ups like Tampa Bay Rays vs LA Dodgers in El Paso, Red Sox vs San Francisco in Orlando, Atlanta vs Toronto in Los Angeles, and the Cardinals vs LA Angels in Jacksonville.

This sounds like the end of spring training, not the end of a regular season. It’s preposterous. Yet, the BCS Honks in college football tell us this time every year that this is the way to do things. That…it’s tradition! And gosh we couldn’t make those “student athletes” travel to all those games in December. (Even though other college football sub-divisions have a 16 team playoff).

I think eventually there will be a playoff in college football. Eventually this old guard that tell us we should like this BS will die off, and a new generation will become college presidents and athletic directors. Either that or a broadcast company will make BCS Honks an offer they can’t refuse…only if it’s an offer the right people.

Oh well, there are still two Saturday’s before I have to deal with stuff. Then I’ll just assume college football’s top level is like my kids’ T-ball league. The season just ends when all the games are played.

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