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Leave You With a Smile

This article will also run at I70 Usually I like to keep my content there and here different, but I would like this article to appear on both websites It’s been a little over a week since ALbert Pujols … Continue reading

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Hate The BCS? Talk With Your Wallet

Look, we all know the BCS is terrible and only benefits a few old guys who run “Charity Corporations”. There have been plenty of calls to boycott BCS Games in an attempt to prevent this atrocity from going forward. Tell … Continue reading

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Not Your Normal Thursday

You can call me a materialistic wanker if you like, but I took advantage of Black Friday to acquire a new computer. The old one was at least seven years old (it was a hand me down so I’m not … Continue reading

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A Quick Note

No I have not forgotten about this blog. I’ve just been really busy with Holiday stuff, and regular life. Hopefully I can get back on track next week sometime. It’s not like there isn’t enough to talk about. Regards, Lee

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