Not Your Normal Thursday

You can call me a materialistic wanker if you like, but I took advantage of Black Friday to acquire a new computer. The old one was at least seven years old (it was a hand me down so I’m not sure of its actual age) and was in terrible need of replacing. If you read blogs I don’t have to tell you how long seven years is in the technology world. The software on it was so outdated there were things WordPress would let me do without upgrading to Windows XP. It’s taken the last few weeks to get this machine up and running the way I want, and this process has taken much of my blogging time. Now that this transition is mostly past I hope I’m back to writing at my regular clip. Enough with the excuses. Let’s get to it.

Los Angles Angels / Texas Rangers

Today has been a really busy sports day for a random Thursday in the middle of December. It started early with free agents Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson signing with the Los Angles Angels. There are thousands threads to talk about in this situation. The biggest being that everyone in the sports world, including me, forgot that Arte Moreno has money to spend and that his team is in the second largest media market in the US. The Angels have never been slouches, but for some reason it feels like they were asleep and now they’re awake.

I’ve always thought the Texas Rangers were the sleeping giants in that division. I guess if you make it to two straight World Series that you’re no longer sleeping. However, with Texas’ new TV contract, new ownership, and the fact that the State of Texas is supposed to increase in population by 20% over the next decade I though the Rangers would become the big market team everyone hates.

Maybe they will, and the Angels vs Rangers will become rivals for the same division and the same free agents. Kind of like a new money Yankees – Red Sox Rivalry. Or Maybe not. There are cultural and geographic differences that would prevent that. However, Angels v Rangers will be fun to watch on the field as well as at the negotiating table for years to come.

I have some thoughts on Albert Pujols leaving the St Louis Cardinals, but I will have to save them for later.

Angels - Rangers, get it?

Weiss to Coach the Jayhawks

I should probably skip this until I have time to think about what exactly happened. Charlie Weis is really going to be the next football coach at the University of Kansas. I’m not really sure what to think of this. My first reaction is that Weis seems to be like another Jayhawk Coach, Larry Brown: Always jumping from job to job. Coaching the Jayhawks will be Weis’s third job in three years. Whether he’s good, or whether he’s terrible I get the feeling the Weis Era in Lawrence will last about as long as Turner Gills.

My other thought is Weis does not seem to do well as a Head Coach. Most of his wins at Notre Dame came with other coaches players. His program declined as is own players populated the program. However, I like to look at things from a positive light. Perhaps Weis learned some lessons from his tenure at Notre Dame, and perhaps he has an All-Star cast lined up for his staff. Like all things, I guess we’ll have to see. But there sure seem to be a lot of issues to be concerned about.

Finally this weekend will be the first weekend since last March without my two favorite sports; baseball and college’s getting cold, so very cold. Help me.

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