Hate The BCS? Talk With Your Wallet

Look, we all know the BCS is terrible and only benefits a few old guys who run “Charity Corporations”. There have been plenty of calls to boycott BCS Games in an attempt to prevent this atrocity from going forward. Tell you the truth, I’ll probably watch some of the Bowls and BCS games. But here is what I’m going to do if I do. I’m going to take note of who sponsors err enables these frivolous games to occur. Before a meaningless snap of exhibition football has occurred we’ll start with this list of title enablers:

All-State Insurance Company – Not only do they sponsor the Sugar Bowl. They are sponsoring the BCS Title Game. If you hate the BCS and you carry All-State insurance on anything you need to change companies. I currently do not, and as long as they enable this garbage to continue I will not be giving them any business

Discover Card – I hate Credit Card companies anyway. Because Discover sponsors the Orange Bowl I hate them even more. Like with All-State, if you have business with Discover do not finish reading the rest of this. Transfer your balance NOW! And do not patronize these enablers until they change their evil ways.

You don't need chips anyway

Frito-Lay – Frito-Lay is the parent company of Tostitos who sponsor the Fiesta Bowl. Out of all the companies that enable the BCS to perpetuate their evil, boycotting Frito-Lay might be the most diffucult. Frito-Lay makes all kinds of chips. You should visit their website so you know which ones to avoid. Like the BCS isn’t good for college football, chips really aren’t good for you. You should mix in a veggie tray. If you must eat chips; Look for a local brand, or go with the grocery store generic brand.

Vizio – The Rose Bowl is still “The Rose Bowl” but it’s presented by Vizio. I’m one of the three sports fans in the US that still does not own an HDTV. When it’s time to get one, it will not be a Vizio as long as they are “presenting” the Rose Bowl. I’m not going to call for you to destroy your Vizio if you own one. Just understand that by purchasing a Vizio TV you are helping prevent a college football playoff. If you are so distraught by this and wish to drop your Vizio TV from the top of a tall building please video the event and post it in the comments section.

These are the main sponsors of the BCS “System”. As I watch commcercials and visit web sites I will begin taking note of other companies that advertise with Bowls and the BCS. Social-media-grass roots-efforts have made huge impacts on decision makers. The BCS can to continue to make college football’s post season seem like a hangover because these companies give them millions of dollars to make it happen. If we make these companies develop a negative public image they might quit giving these “charities” millions of dollars. If these Bowls cannot get corporate sponsors they’ll have to close up shop or change their evil ways.

So, if you don’t like the BCS and their henchman boycott these title enablers, and tell your friends and family to boycott these enablers. And maybe, just maybe we’ll see a college football playoff in our lifetime.

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One Response to Hate The BCS? Talk With Your Wallet

  1. Paul C says:

    If everybody would just go to these sponsors websites and facebook/twitter pages and let them know you plan on boycotting their products until they get out of the BCS or until the BCS gets their shit together, the world would be a better place…

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