Compressing The Spring

First off, my last post The Frozen Tundra of Wyandotte County has had the second most hits out of anything I have written since I started this site in August. Thanks to all those for reading and providing encouragement. When I was losing the majority of the weight I mentioned in that post I blogged about that process frequently. Through discussion with some friends I’ve decided I’m going to start incorporating fitness and nutrition related posts along with my normal nonsense about the world of main stream sports. After all, part of sports is being in good enough shape to play them. In case you’re wondering. Yesterday I registered for this Half Marathon. If you’re interested in the most viewed post on this website: It’s this one.

On April 6th this spring will be unleashed!

In the first post on this blog I outlined why September and October are my favorite times in the sports world. There is so much going on that interests me it’s hard to keep track of it all. I’m not big on the winter sports. I enjoy college basketball, but not as much as I enjoy summer sports. The NBA is non-existant to me. Although, the OKC Thunder might change that if a they make championship run.

Despite it being mid-February this past weekend I watched and listened to baseball, golf and NASCAR. All warm weather sports. The baseball was of the college variety. Friday night I watched the University of Florida defeat Cal-State Fullerton. I also listened to parts Wichita State’s opening series in San Marcos, Tx. I’m sad to report that did not go very well for the Shockers. In between I watched a golf tournament and NASCAR’s Bud Shootout both of which had exciting conclusions.

This weekend begins my second favorite part of the sports calendar. Between now and the beginning of April; Major League Baseball will begin and complete spring training. NASCAR will open their season with the Daytona 500 go through the first six weeks of it’s season. College Basketball will finish it’s regular season, have it’s conference tournaments, and finish with one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports The NCAA Basketball Tournament. Our family and I will open up our camping season. And as I mentioned above, College Baseball has started. All of this leads up to one of my favorite days of the year: MLB Opening Day. Once Opening Day has passed my favorite sports will be spooled up and running until the fall. Spring will be sprung!

To top it all off I’m a weather geek, when does the most exciting weather occur in Kansas? That’s right, Spring. I’m sure Snow Miser has a few tricks up his sleeve, but snow storms are a lot easier to deal with when you’re favorite sports are in session. Regardless of what the weather does it’s a good time to be sportsdrenched.

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