“The Process” Logo

I should be writing a post about the Daytona 500. However, it was postponed until tomorrow. Since I have to work tomorrow this means it will be the first Daytona 500 I will miss since 1997. That was the year before I got into NASCAR. Sure I’ll DVR the race, but there’s no way to avoid learning who wins until I get a chance to watch it. I’m disappointed, but if you’re going to be a fan or participate in sports that are held outside you should expect this stuff to happen from time to time.

Since I can’t get my NASCAR on I would like to talk about is this logo:

As some of you know I write a weekly post at I70 Baseball about the Kansas City Royals. There has been a lot of discussion among Royals fans about how the front office is attempting to turn one of the laughing stock franchises in professional sports into a world class organization. Results have been slow to come to fruition. Any time the Royals front office is doubted or second guessed the fans and media have been told by Royals General Manager Dayton Moore to “trust the process”. This reply has been uttered so often that fans have begun endearingly putting “The Process” in quotes. “The Process” has achieved noun status and taken on a life of it’s own. James Tyree, another Royals fan, is also a graphic designer, and I decided that “The Process” needed it’s own logo. And so it does. In the future when writing about the success, or failure, of the Kansas City Royals this logo is sure to be visible. It’s like our own inside joke.

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