Distress Signal

About five years ago I had four front license plates for my truck; Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, Colorado Avalanche, and a KSU PowerCat (not to be confused with an Eco-Kat).  However, I sold the truck that had the front license plate holder.  The new one didn’t, and I didn’t care enough to install one.

Recently I purchased a new truck that does have a front license plate holder.  I rounded up the Avalanche and PowerCat tags.  The Chiefs and Royals tags were lost, destroyed, or stolen.  Ok, stolen is unlikely.  Either way, I don’t have them anymore. I’ve been rolling with the PowerCat tag since I bought the truck in December.  However, KSU’s revenue sports seasons are over, and we’re a week away from the start of the regular baseball season.  It’s time for a Royals tag.  A good metal tag, not the cheap plastic ones I used to have.   

This summer's Royals tag


Back in the day I had a rule.  My sports team tags stay on the vehicle until they were eliminated from playoff contention.  Baseball is my favorite sport, the sports year rotates around baseball season.  I would place the Royals tag on the truck in the middle of March.  Keep it there until the Royals were eliminated in April late summer, then place the Chiefs tag on the vehicle as soon as their training camp opened, and so on.  The problem is, most summers the Royals are really terrible.  The Royals usually aren’t eliminated from the playoffs before Chiefs training camp is open. But they were so terrible that I was embarrassed to have the Royals tag on my truck.  But rules are rules. However, there is a solution to this:


Hopefully Royals fans won't have to sent a distress signal this summmer.

As if to say: I know I my team sucks, I’m not happy about it, but I’m still a fan.  But as soon as the season changes that bad boy is being replaced.  So, the next time your team is going through a rough season and you’re not happy about it.  Don’t be a snake and disavow your allegiance, send a Distress Signal.  Hopefully the Royals have improved to the point that I don’t have to do this anymore. 

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One Response to Distress Signal

  1. Jeff McCabe says:

    After 20 years of mediocrity, shouldn’t you turn the tag inside out?

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