Constant Change

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Life seems to get in the way sometimes…OK, all the time. My family and I are entering a time in our lives that we are really busy. So much so I have left I70 Baseball. Not that I don’t have any thoughts longer than 140 characters on the Royals. I just don’t have the time to write them down on a weekly basis.

However, I still plan to write here on occasion. I should probably post something more often than once every six weeks to justify purchasing this domain name. There are certainly enough topics to write about in the general sports world. Some of those topics are more serious than others. Like, are human bodies designed to play the sports that have come to dominate our sports landscape? Were their erudite fans of Gladiators during the Romans Empire discussing whether it was morally right to sacrifice people for the entertainment of the masses? Seems like enough people came to their senses because we don’t do that anymore. Or do we, and it’s just not as pronounced? Concussions in the NFL have been dominating the 24 hour sports media circuit for over a year. The number of pitchers in MLB needing Tommy John Surgery has increased drastically during that same time period.

These issues are being researched by really smart people…and attorney’s. Just like there are no more Gladiators, I can see an end to the NFL and football as we know it in my lifetime. I can see a renaissance in all levels of baseball where the pitcher is required to pitch to contact and breaking pitches are outlawed. That will certainly take some adjustment among the American public, but the only constant in anything is change.

Speaking of changes, I alluded to this in this post. I am going to slightly expand the scope of stuff I write about. I’m going add some adventure/outdoor/fitness type stuff. The Royals recent 12 game losing streak made that decision for me. My favorite baseball team is always terrible. However, even a bad camping trip I have found more interesting (although, for the life of me I can’t remember one, just trips that were better than others) than a historical losing streak. Not only that, I read this article from the author of Shit My Dad Says. Part of being sportsdrenched is playing your own sports and creating your own adventures. So I am, and I’m going to write about it.

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