I got an email from WordPress the other day saying it was time to renew my domain name.  I was shocked that it had been a year since I started this blog.  My second thought was do I want to renew the name.  Not that I think anyone would come get it, but if you look at the frequency of my postings they go from frequent to non-existent.


However, I spent a lot of time and energy last fall coming up with ideas and having people around me come up with logos and graphics for this website on a pro bono basis.  I like what I have created here.  I still want to write about sports, although the seriousness and time commitment may vary from week to week. 


With that in mind I will renew for another year and come up with something to write once a week at minimum.  I think I can handle that.  Especially since our baseball seasons are winding down.  But…

There is always a caveat to these things.  I am in the middle of moving, and after the move I will be off into the wilderness for vacation.  You see the domain isn’t the only thing that needs to be renewed.  Once I return from vacation I will commence with regular postings and try and pick up where my postings fell apart last winter/spring. 

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