Vacation is over, and our move has settled down. There are still several projects I should be doing around the house besides blogging and watching sports. But, it’s time to emerge from the blogging hiatus. The first topic of this new blogging season I am going to discuss cockroaches. Unlike humans, who occasionally need time off and rest, cockroaches are always around. You can bet if you see one cockroach. Three more are waiting where you can’t see them.

Why am I so enamored with cockroaches? Because I think the Kansas City Royals are filled with them. Kyle Davies was the worst starting pitcher in major league history. Royals fans thought things could only get better after the Royals released him? Nope! In fact, two more showed up in the form of Luke Hochevar and Jonathan Sanchez. Sanchez has since been traded to the Rockies for another cockroach. Luke Hochevar’s cockroach’s are so bad they infected the mound at Kauffman Stadium. How else do you explain Justin Verlander’s 5 run 1st innings in the All-Star Game.

It’s not a recent trend either. It seems every time the Royals make a move to replace someone who is the league worst at their position, they replace them with another league worst at that position. Royals fans were tired of Angel Berroa, who replaced him? Tony Pena Jr, who replaced him? Yuniesky Betancourt. This cycle of insectery at shortstop seems to have been exterminated with Alcides Escobar, who the Royals have signed to a long term deal. At least The Process has done something productive.

Year 6 of The Process has been a disaster.

Unfortunately “The Process” doesn’t seem to be working with the starting pitching staff. At one time I would have blamed Dayton Moore’s Process for this infestation of historically high ERAs. Not anymore. One has to realize that before Kyle Davies there was Jose Lima, Chris George, and Runelvys Hernandez. If a problem persists through two exterminators maybe you don’t need an exterminator. Maybe you need a new homeowner.

Since David Glass has owned the Royals there has always been a starting pitcher on the Royals who represented the closest thing to a forfeit as you can get in professional sports. The Royals record during Glass’s ownership tenure is the worst in Major League Baseball. The Royals next closest competitor for futility during this stretch is the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates not only swept the Royals in a three game series earlier this season. They are leading their division and making trades for starting pitching to solidify their playoff chances. This leaves the Royals to wallow in the basement with the cockroaches.

As a fans, there’s not much we can do about a terrible owner except do facepalms, complain on social media, express our dissatisfaction with our wallets, and come to terms with the fact that our favorite team may be moved before it wins again. For me, that’s fine, another city can have Kansas City’s cockroaches.

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