Product Decline

Let’s say you are a long time consumer of a company’s products. In fact you liked and bought into this company so much that instead of the company paying you to advertise for them, you paid money to the company and in return you wore their gear and advertised for them. And in your mind everything was fine because this company created a quality product and you and your friends enjoyed the product. This company was so popular it came to a point you almost felt compelled to buy their product because you would feel left behind in society if you didn’t. It seemed this company could do no wrong, even though some of the stuff they did was questionable.

One day this company announces they are switching suppliers. The company says in their press release that the old supplier was costing them too much money, and that they had found a new supplier at a fraction of the cost. But not to worry…the quality of the product you had come to know and love would be the same. You found this kind of odd considering said company just announced record revenue, and was on the brink of signing a new large contract.

Except the products in question wasn’t of the same quality. The company asked for patience in integrating the new supplier into their business model. You extended said patience because the company in question had a good track record. Except the product not only didn’t get better, it got worse! Things were not improving. Yet again the company pleaded for patience. Then one day the company’s products declined to the point that they simply didn’t work. But instead of being apologetic…the company said that the problem wasn’t theirs or their suppliers. That they didn’t see anything wrong with their products and it was in fact misusage by the retailers and consumers that was the problem.

Do you think you would continue to use this company’s product? I know I wouldn’t. So I’m not. NFL you can get back to me when you have your regular referee’s back. And no, I’m not buying any of your gear again for a long time.

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