Riding The Pining

This weekend is one of my favorite sports weekends of the year. College Hoops is winding down and teams are jockeying for seeding in their conference tournaments. College Baseball enters it’s second weekend in places where there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground. Speedweeks are coming to their conclusion in Daytona and NASCAR is underway. However, baseball is my favorite sport, and this weekend the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues unleash their full schedules. This is a huge deal for a Seamhead like myself. It means we made it through another off-season. Between now until three weeks before Thanksgiving a new baseball game will be within 24 hours reach. This is a cause for celebration.

Since I’m done celebrating it’s time to get down to the tough business of watching and listening to baseball. As l look at the schedule I look for reasons to choose one game over another. Looking at today’s slate of games I notice the Rays are playing the Red Sox Pirates. Why would I care about this game? Because former Royals prospect Wil Myers is in the starting line-up for the Rays. As you might recall Myers is who the Royals gave up, among others, in the trade for James Shields and Wade Davis.

You can get into all kinds of psychological jargon as to why I care about what Wil Myers does or may do in the major leagues. For today’s purposes Wil Myers is just a reason to discern which baseball game I’m going to watch or listen to. But that got me thinking. How long will I care what Wil Myers does for the Rays. How long will I and other fans check box scores in passing or thumb out tweets regarding his performance. I guess that will be determined by how well James Shield and Wade Davis do for the Royals. If the Royals are doing well I’ll probably stop by summer. If the Royals are the same dumpster fire they’ve always been, I just may watch more Rays games.

Random thoughts on Spring Training:

Miguel Tejada, your next Royals Manager

I’ve listened to one Royals game and I’m already tired of the organization telling me what a great “clubhouse guy” Miguel Tejada is. This is the type of stuff that Allard Biard did during his tenure. Sign an over the hill player and give them way more playing time than they should. If Tejada is the 2nd utility infielder and only gets 100-150 at bats I’m ok with that. From the way this organization is trying to “sell” him to the fan base I’m pretty sure we’ll see Tejada more than we’d like. This reminds me of those dark seasons of 04, 05, 06 when this type of thing happened way too often. If Miguel Tejada is being kept around and paid because he’s such a great “clubhouse guy”, why not just make him a bench coach?

Year 6 of The Process has been a disaster.

Is Miguel Tejada a part of The Process?

Bob Davis rides away

Bob Davis announced last week that he will not return to the Royals broadcast booth. Opting instead to stay with his Jayhawks full-time and care for his wife who is ailing from Parkinson’s disease. Good for him.

When Davis first signed on to do Royals games I was excited. Bob Davis had been a staple on the radio waves across Kansas since I had been old enough to know that sports on the radio was a thing. And now Davis would be working with the other icon of sports broadcasting in this region, Denny Matthews. However, in my mind it didn’t work out that well. Frankly, Bob Davis isn’t very good and calling baseball games, and there were a lot of awkward silences when Davis and Matthews worked together. You will never get a public comment on the situation but the broadcast when those two were together was choppy enough that I have always wondered if they got along. Not that it matters now. And back to my original point. Good Luck with your down time Bob. You’ve earned it.

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One Response to Riding The Pining

  1. Dan says:

    The Mariners always have the same thing going with hiring barnacle-covered has-beens and calling them “great club-house guys”. Giving them way too many at-bats only to watch them rarely crack the Mendoza Line.

    I’m hoping 40yr old Raul Ibanez will fare better for the M’s this season.

    Here’s to baseball! Hope the Royals have a grwat start.

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