Reset Button

I just received the email that this domain name is getting close to renewal. Which reminded me that I even have this website in the first place. As you can tell if you’ve dropped by I haven’t written anything since Feburary and can count on one hand the number of posts since last summer.

So, let’s call this a reset. I spent part of today revamping the What Is Sportsdrenched page. You don’t have to go there. It says that I’m going to make an attempt to write more often, even if the subject matter is not sports related. Although most of it will be. However, I will probably add some outdoor adventure, fitness, beer, and maybe, this is a big maybe, some original works of fiction. We’ll see.

The main goal is to post something once a week. No promises. If I have to write a similar post to this next June. I will give up on blogging and take the website down.



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