Botched Clean-Up

When I started this blog two years ago one of my first posts was about the Nevin Shapiro Fiasco at the University of Miami. I got on my moral high horse and decried the whole incident and incidents like them in college football. I still believe most of what I wrote. If anything, events of the past two years have made it more clear that football and basketball at the Division I level need an earth shattering overhaul or need to be spun off from their educational institutions and form their own professional leagues. Not that I think cheating won’t continue; it will in some form; but at least we’ll be real about it and not act like these games are being played in the name of education.

This should happen; especially when the agency responsible for making sure everything is kosher within college sports is riddled with political agendas and has become a toothless kitten instead of the watch dog it’s supposed to be. As was outlined in this week’s Sports Illustrated. The NCAA has essentially gone FEMA and BP and botched the clean up of the hurricane damage.

I’m not going to jump up and down and say Mark Emmert should lose his job over a circus of his own creation. First, no one is going to listen to me. Second, I think Emmert is doing what the majority of the University Presidents want him to do; take the blame for anything that goes wrong while sports revenue keeps growing and everyone involved is happy. As long as the money is flowing Emmert is not going anywhere.

Let’s be clear, I’m not upset that some people are making money off college football and basketball. I enjoy those two things. I have parted with my money to enjoy them, and I probably will in the future. I would just like a little honesty with my college sports. I’m sure no one will blow up the NCAA anytime soon to form new sports leagues. However, can we at least have some separation between University Administrators and the group that’s supposed to enforce rules on said universities? That could be a start. Then there would be less political pressure on rules investigators and they could make their best effort to find some truth, instead of the truth that their bosses want them to tell them. This has to be addressed before discussions about rules changes can even be discussed. And there are a lot of those.

I would like to say I would like these changes to be made because of truth for it’s own sake. But really, all I want to do is watch college football with my friends and not have moral questions about what I’m actually watching. We’re a long way that situation being on the horizon, but right now, the NCAA and the Universities aren’t even moving in that direction.

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