The Football Conundrum

My family and I just got back from vacation, which is why I’m giving myself an excuse for not updating this website weekly like I promised. Our family camps for our vacations which make them a little more complicated than “just” booking everything. We have to go over gear lists, acquire said gear if we don’t have it, and finally make sure it all fits in whatever car we are taking. I’ve considered doing a post about all this; because you know; those are sporting goods and this is a sports website. But, I will save that for another day. Anyway, most of my mental energy was tied up by vacation before going on vacation. But now that vacation is over I find myself doing a mental reset: What did I miss while I was gone, what is going on now, and what is coming up in the next few weeks in months.



It’s no secret that my favorite sport is baseball, but my close second favorite sport is football, and football is most defiantly coming up in the next few weeks and months. In fact, the Chiefs start training camp in 12 days; twelve! Exhibition games will start in less than 30 days, and the regular season will be under way in less than 60. And that’s not even counting the college and high school seasons that I like to follow. This is part of the reason I took my first look at ProFootballTalk today for the first time since the Monday after the Super Bowl.

I know the prevailing wisdom in sports media is that there is no off-season in football. I beg to differ. With today’s al-a-cart media where I can pick and choose my content, there most certainly is a Football Off-season. Granted there have been some big stories like Aaron Hernandez’s legal trouble, and Todd Helton teaching the Denver Bronco’s front office how to drive; but for the most part I don’t care about the combine. I don’t care about the draft. I don’t care about OTA’s, and I only somewhat care about free agency.

You see, the NFL plays 254 games a year, of which my favorite team, the Chiefs, only play in 16. To me there just isn’t enough snaps of meaningful football to account for a 365 day/24 hour news cycle for just football. Games, roster moves, and schedules can only be discussed so much without an actual play happening. There is not that much actual football substance to create that much “news”. There’s barely enough substance in the entire sports world. But then again, the proliferation of 24 hour sports channels and other media content tell me I’m in the minority.

Yet, as I think about why I view the football off-season the way I do another point becomes clear. After all, I can listen to 8 hours of sports radio at work and not think much of it. So it can’t be the endless banter about nothing and everything in the sports media world. I think the biggest issue is that football means fall, and while I love the fall and everything that comes with it. Fall means that winter is right around the corner. I spend all winter pining for these dog days of summer where it’s hot and the only sports action is a nightly 15 game MLB slate. I’m not about to wish away these days that I spend all winter waiting for. This is why I’m torn when it’s time to start thinking about football. I really don’t want it to be time for football because that means the end of summer, baseball, swimming, warm weather, and a bunch of other things I really enjoy. But it’s football, and I really enjoy football too.

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