Books! My Top 5

I was asked on Facebook to list my five favorite books. I know this is off topic for what I want to be a sports blog; but I need the content, and I can’t just throw out a list like that without some explanations. If you ask me this same question next week I may give you three different titles. Only my top two would be constant. Here is the list, they are in order.

#5. Wingman #4: Thunder In The East by Mack Maloney

This book has no redeeming literary or moral value. It’s book #4 in the Wingman Series that I read when I was a teenager. The Wingman Series is about a guy who has the last remaining F-16 after America loses World War III and his attempt to bring the nation back together. It’s pure pulp, but it’s a fun little book that I’ve read several times. If that doesn’t convince you to read it, read it because the book starts in a place called Football City where a 24 hours football game takes place.

#4. Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger

Of course the only non-fiction book on my list is about High School Football. This book has influenced a movie and a TV Series. Bissinger makes it read like a novel. As a former mediocre high school football player I found a lot of things that I could identify with in this book. There were also a lot of other things just blew my mind.

#3. Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy

The more I think about this book the more reasons I find to admire it’s genius. It’s a long read, the copy I had was over 900 pages, and it’s much different than the movie with the same title. A part of the Jack Ryan Series; it’s a perfect blend of Cold War and domestic terrorist threat written at a time when one was transitioning to the other. This book was written 10 years before the proliferation of the internet, yet features a tense scene between Ryan and the Soviet President chatting through a computer.

#2. Centennial by James Michener

Believe it or not this is second time I have mentioned this book on this blog. One of the characters doesn’t like college football very much. Anyway, This is one of those that I wasn’t real sure about when I started it, but it grew on me as I read on. It’s about the part of Colorado no one goes to visit, take pictures of, or write songs about…the high plains. It starts 200 million years ago and ends in the 1970’s. If you want to have your perspective of the passage of time changed, and get deeper into the history of the plains…this is the book for you.

#1. Last of The Breed by Louis L’Amour

My favorite genres to read are Westerns and spy-techno-thrillers. Last of the Breed is a perfect combination of those two genres. A US Spy Plane is shot down over Siberia in the mid-1980’s. The pilot successfully ejects and finds himself in the vast Siberian wilderness. He’s also native American. It just so happens the KGB Colonel in charge of finding him is a descendant from a native tribe of Siberia. Their ancestors once battled each other and now these two will do battle again. It’s a classic man-vs-man, man-vs-environment story, and it’s awesome. In fact, the next time the Chiefs are in a playoff game I’ll read this book instead of watching.

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