Chiefs 2013 Season: Success or Failure?

It’s been 72 hours since the Chiefs spectacular loss in the playoffs to the Indianapolis Colts.  I’ve heard this game sliced and diced so many ways by pundits, fans, Sports Talk Radio Guys, Twitterati, and everything in between.  Through all that I’m just now deciding on how I should feel about it, other than it sucks.  My first thought was this game is a perfect example of why you should limit how much emotional energy you spend on a bunch of dudes you don’t know who play a game for a living, who don’t even live in the city they “represent”. 

I would like to take the stance that a year ago this team was 2-14 and was looking for new leadership; that I should just be happy with improvement.  I might feel that way except for two things.  We went down this path in 2010 and I was happy with improvements and taking steps forward.  Except instead of steps forward the organization turned into a clown show that lead to a lot of office cleaning in the Chiefs front office.  At least that infamous candy wrapper finally got picked up….I’m assuming.  The other reason I won’t just be satisfied with improvements is THEY WERE UP 28 POINTS IN THE 2nd HALF OF A PLAYOFF GAME AND LOST!  


Sorry, I can’t excuse that.  Even though, if you follow my twitter feed you’d know I wasn’t buying in until the game went final, and it turns out, those fears were justified.  Granted injuries and bad bounces played a part in the loss.  However, it was the same old Chiefs doing the same old Chiefs things.  Poor play calling, lack of adjustments, and poor tackling adds another dreadful tale Chiefs and Royals fans can add to their tales of historical shittyness and amazing choke jobs.

Was this season a success or failure for the Chiefs?  I say this question remains unanswered.  If the front office can take steps forward next year with better players and better play calling; I think you can look back on this season as a success in that the improvements were a means to an end.  If this is a repeat of 2010 and it’s just luck and a weak schedule then it’s another failure by the organization.  And if that’s the case, maybe I should stop using emotional energy on an organization that I don’t have any personal connections, and the people within that organization aren’t even from the city they represent. 

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