Football that counts returned this past weekend and it was spectacular.  I could write a lot of superlatives about the awesomeness of this past weekend’s college football games.  I’ll just let the games themselves and people who get paid to write wax the poetry.  In the end, it left most football fans wanting, and that is why College and NFL football are as popular as they are.  If you’re like me you can’t wait till next weekend so we can do it again…until you look at the slate of College games.  Unless you are a fan of a certain school here are the most interesting televised games in each time slot.  All times central because that’s where I live:


Well do you?


11am: Central Michigan @ #21 Oklahoma St, FS1 & UCF @ #7 Michigan, ABC

230pm: Tulsa @ #6 Ohio State, ABC & Kentucky @ #25 Florida, CBS

6pm: Arkansas @ #13 TCU, ESPN

630pm: Iowa State @ #17 Iowa, BTN

7pm: Virginia Tech vs #9 Tennessee @ Bristol Motor Speedway, ABC

9pm: Texas Tech @ Arizona State, FS1

930pm: Virginia @ #24 Oregon, ESPN

Yes there are some interesting games listed above.  No doubt there is will be some drama and some surprises but nothing on this schedule strikes me as appointment television.  It’s more like; “If I’m not doing anything I will check-in on some games.”  I guess not every College Football Saturday can be as good as last weekend.  My advice for this Saturday is to knock out that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about, plan an outdoor outing, or talk to your family.  Because in Week 3 (9/15 – 917) most of the featured games are at least conference match-ups.  Of course, you could save your TV watching time for Sunday when the NFL begins, if you’re into that sort of thing.  

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